Studio 89 speakers from Monitor Audio

Studio 89 speakers from Monitor Audio

A legendary speaker series

Now available at Soundline, Studio 89 is the latest in the iconic Monitor Audio Studio Series. A legendary speaker range born when music, television, and video tape ruled. An era of bold styles, vibrant colours, early computer gaming and breathtakingly rapid technological innovation that fuelled an unrivalled explosion of popular culture and laid the foundation for today’s digital era.

Studio 89 takes inspiration from this culturally explosive decade but is a thoroughly modern loudspeaker. Inspired by individual expression and the culture that shapes it, Studio 89 is the loudspeaker for the new change-makers.


Studio 89 is fearlessly unconventional. Just like the 1980s

The implementation of Monitor Audio’s latest cutting-edge acoustic technologies and a beautifully detailed design connect Studio 89 to the artists of today – bringing the sound of the original recording home with more lifelike realism than ever before.

In a nod to the original Studio 15, Studio 89 is resplendent in high-gloss black, with the most technologically advanced metal cone drivers finished in gold. It’s the only model Monitor Audio makes that is available in this luxurious finish.


Compact, yet powerful

Studio 89 is a diminutive speaker. Yet its design ensures that even in large rooms, the soundstage, imaging and detail levels are completely enveloping and remain true to the ethos of bringing ‘studio monitoring quality’ into the home. This is in no small part down to to the ’Point source’ MTM (Mid-Tweeter-Mid) driver Array.


Studio 89 produces sound of a scale and quality that belies their diminutive size


Positioning the MPD III high-frequency transducer between the twin 4 1⁄4” bass- mid drivers, and with a carefully-built third-order crossover to ensure the perfect frequency response across each drive unit for total symmetry, helps control sound dispersion. This complex array of drivers delivers on Monitor Audio’s Transparent Design Philosophy, ensuring that the sum of all Studio 89’s parts are built around total performance.

The resulting high-fidelity sound is of a scale and quality that belies Studio 89’s diminutive size.


Small, yet perfectly formed

Studio 89 benefits from an extremely strong and rigid cabinet structure which works in perfect harmony with the drive units and crossover. Precisely calculated and positioned internal walls provide additional strength and bracing; their clever configuration allows airflow to funnel via the top and bottom of the cabinet through the high-velocity HiVe II slot ports, reducing potential turbulence and air noise.


The cabinet design works in perfect harmony with the drive units and crossover

Standing proud

Designed to extend the placement versatility of the speaker, the Studio 89 Stand also improves its sonic qualities by allowing the extruded aluminium central column to be mineral-filled for enhanced acoustic performance and presentation into the listening area.
The Studio 89 Stand also benefits from an elegant cable management system,
which ensures speaker cables are hidden out of sight. Integrated spikes and rubber feet ensure that whatever the surface, the Studio 89 Stand will be anchored perfectly.


The verdicts are in:

Studio 89 is already bringing in positive reviews with praise for their clean and accurate presentation as well outstanding build and finish. Here's what the reviewers are saying about Studio 89:


Studio 89 speakers from Monitor Audio

"Tonally things are even and well-balanced. In no way do these speakers sound forward, thin or undernourished".

"When orchestral crescendos hit. When that happens, these speakers have the composure to stay clean and the refinement to avoid any harshness or edge".

"Build quality has long been a strength of Monitor Audio, so it comes as no surprise that the Studio 89 are beautifully made and finished. That slim cabinet feels immensely solid and is finished to an exceptional standard".


Studio 89 speakers from Monitor Audio

"With the Studio 89, Monitor Audio has managed to combine a mildly retro aesthetic with some thoroughly modern engineering to create a speaker that both sounds great and will never be mistaken for any other speaker out there".

"Monitor Audio has been refining and finessing some of the technologies here for many years - and it certainly sounds like it".


Studio 89 speakers from Monitor Audio

"If you seek an accomplished and accurate window on the recording, this could be for you. This speaker is even-handed to the point that it's happy with all types of programme material and, to a slightly lesser extent, the quality of it."

"The Studio 89 sounds unerringly natural. Low-frequency presence is substantial but not muscle-bound; the leading edge of bass information is straight and crisp, so rhythms are expressed convincingly and momentum never flags".

"It's a subtle and detailed yet charming and engaging design that's sure to seduce many prospective purchasers and is so well worth an audition".