Enjoy the silent treatment

Enjoy the silent treatment

Acoustic treatment by ArtNovion

If you're looking to improve the audio qualities of a room then one of the best options is to install acoustic treatment. These are panels that are attached to the walls or ceiling and are specially designed to absorb and reflect sound waves. The result is a quieter room that has less echo and reverberation and is much more pleasant to be in.

This Christchurch home belongs to one of our customers who wanted better performance from his music system. With plenty of hard, reflective surfaces around the room there was definitely some scope for improvement. 

Adding ceiling panels

To absorb some of the reflected sound we installed Sparta ceiling panels from ArtNovion, which are especially effective at reducing reverberation in the mid to high frequency ranges. Made of an acoustic foam wrapped in a premium acoustic fabric, Sparta panels are permenantly fixed to the ceiling with a concealed fixing.

Diffusion panels are used to further control how sound is reflected in a room. A room that is too quiet can feel lifeless so it's important not to have too much deadening material. Diffusers allow for some reflection in an even and controlled way. In this case we installed the Lagos ceiling diffusion panels from ArtNovion. 

Bass traps are important for controlling low frequency energy. Standing waves and other interference can impact the quality of bass notes. Bass traps will absorb this energy and restore life to the lower frequencies. A single ArtNovion bass trap mounted to the wall of this room has made a noticable improvement to the room's sound, tightening the bass and bringing it back under control.

Even part way through the installation there was a noticable change in the feel of the room. There was less echo in voices and a much quieter feeling to the room. Once all panels were in place the acoustic qualities of the room were substantially improved and listening to music was a completely different experience.

Choices, choices

ArtNovion is an excellent choice if you're thinking about adding acoustic treatment to your home. A wide range of different panel designs allows for a custom solution to best fit your requirements in terms of both looks and performance. The ArtNovion offering even includes a design service that takes your room dimensions into account to calculate the optimum panel types and positioning.

ArtNovion acoustic panels are bordering on works of art. They offer a huge range of colours and fabrics so you can choose a style that blends with your decor, or one that makes a bold statement and is a feature of your room.

We're happy to show you through the options available if you'd like to make a huge improvement in the acoustic performance in your home. The results can be astonishing and many of our clients have said that it's something they wish they'd done much sooner. Get in touch with one of the Soundline team today. We're happy to share our years of experience so your home can be a more comfortable and enjoyable place to be.

Artnovion-acoustic-treatment-panelsArtNovion offer a huge range of materials and colours for their acoustic panels