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Home Automation Systems

The terms “Home Automation,” “Connected Devices” and “Internet of Things” are often used interchangeably, but they are distinct parts of the Smart Home concept:

  • Home automation: This is where a home’s electrical devices are connected to a central system that automates those devices based on user input. For example, you push a button and your shades go up, or you give a voice command and your lights turn on.
  • Connected devices: These are electrical devices that are intelligent, courtesy of a connection to the Internet and sensors. These devices know or are able to anticipate what a user needs. At first, this intelligence comes from user programing, but with time the device can learn and adapt to patterns and interact with its users.
  • Internet of Things: IoT is the magic dust that turns the automated home into the smart home. With a combination of sensors, smarts and systems, IoT connects everyday objects to a network, enabling those objects to complete tasks and communicate with each other, with no user input. When you combine home automation, connected devices and IoT you get a Smart Home. And a modern smart home can be easily controlled through a smartphone, tablet or computer.

Soundline uses a variety of technologies depending on requirements. In all cases we strive to minimise the use of multiple apps by integrating different systems under one umbrella system. 

Home automation is designed to   

  • a lighting control system to adjust the lighting throughout your home with ease and simplicity or have lights come on automatically when you arrive home at night, have the lights dimmed in the dining room with the touch of a button, create an intimate atmosphere for your dinner party. Brighten the path to your door with the security-enhancing walkway lighting. Turn off lights across the house from your bedroom as you get ready to settle in. Lighting control *
  • whenever and wherever you want. Even while you are away, the lights can be set to turn on and off as if you were there – increasing the security of your home.


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