Home Automation Systems

Over 30 years experience integrating smart-home technologies into NZ homes

Whether you require a customized home entertainment system, lighting control systems, or complete home automation, our specialist teams in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch can help you seamlessly integrate these technologies into your living spaces. We have experience working on the simple to the most complex of home designs and are dedicated to delivering the most reliable, best-performing and intuitive smart-home systems while enhancing your home's aesthetics.


Total home control

Soundline home automation systems use proven brands and technologies to provide you and your family with smart-home control that is intuitive to use, dependable and devoid of unnecessary complexity.

Whether you are looking for something as simple as combining all of your home theatre remotes into a single controller or you want to create a fully-automated, energy-efficient home, Soundline have over 30 years experience in integrating smart-home technologies into New Zealand homes. 


Enhance your environment

Dim the lights with the touch of a button to create an intimate atmosphere for your dinner party. Cast a warm glow on your home with landscape lighting that automatically turns on at dusk. Turn off lights across your home with the press of one button as you settle in for the night. 

Soundline partners with world-leading manufacturer Lutron to create lighting control systems so convenient, reliable, energy-efficient and intuitive to use that they will transform your daily life. 


Elegant control

Achieving the greatest beauty and efficiency in modern architecture means being able to control the light that surrounds us.

Soundline can integrate silent-operating motorized curtains, blinds and shades from market-leading brand Lutron featuring a comprehensive range of the latest fabrics and materials from the world's most notable textile mills.


The foundation of the smart home

A stable and reliable home Wi-Fi network that can cope with the increasing demands of music and video streaming, home automation and modern family life is essential today.

Soundline utilize enterprise-grade network and WiFi equipment and have some of the best brains in the business to ensure you get the most from your connected devices, home entertainment and automation systems.

Find out what is possible for your new home or renovation