Home Installations

Start with the right team

Custom home audio-visual installations are our speciality. They’ve been our primary business for many years and we’re immensely proud of our work. Our installation team is trained to the highest industry standards for audio-visual and automation installation.

Maximise your enjoyment

Once you’ve chosen a location for your home theatre and selected components, installation is the next step in getting the most from your entertainment system. Don’t overlook this part as it’s critical for extracting the maximum performance from the system.

Soundline can help you with your projects whether it is a new build, renovation, or a retrofit. While it’s better to contact us earlier in the build process, you’ll be surprised at the options that may be available to you if you’re renovating or retrofitting. Our installation team has plenty of experience and more than a few tricks up their sleeves.

Find out what is possible for your new home or renovation