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Home Theatre


A good speaker package is critical to building a quality home theatre and we have a great selection from established, internationally respected manufacturers.

Floorstanders that will fill any room, centre speakers that will give clear, sharp dialog. Subwoofers that bring deep energy to action sequences and surround speakers that add space and atmosphere to your theatre.

We have the knowledge to help you choose the right speakers that are properly matched to your room and other components.


A quality receiver is the heart of your home theatre system. Make sure you have the power you need to keep up with the heavy action across multiple channels.

Other features like Dolby Atmos or 8K resolution will truly bring a new dimension to your home theatre and rival even the biggest cinema complex.

Get the best advice and make sure you choose a receiver that will suit your needs now and into the future.


Projectors are still the best option for a large screen experience. Brightness and contrast levels have continued to improve, as have resolutions with 4K and 8K now being commonplace.

Reliability has also never been better, with laser options providing huge improvements in lifespan without sacrificing image quality.

We also supply cinema screens that will do justice to the rest of your theatre. Specialist surfaces that will give you the best image and brings your movies to life.


The best equipment won't work to its full potential without the right installation. We have an expert team who provide a full installation and setup service so you can be sure you're getting the best from your system.

We can help with new builds, renovations or retrofits, so bring us your design and let us take care of building your ultimate home theatre.