Installation services


Soundline has completed many custom installations of home theatre, audio systems and home automation over the years.

We continue to be the leaders in selecting the right equipment for your home, installing it correctly and then extracting the maximum performance from it.

Commercial Installations

Commercial environments are usually quite different to a home setting. Larger spaces and more background noise calls for specialist knowledge.

Getting the music and lighting right are key components in creating the perfect atmosphere.


If you’re undertaking a building or renovation project, it’s a great time to think about adding extra wiring throughout your home. Wired connections offer much improved reliability and capacity over wireless options which although convenient, still have their limitations.


Whether you require a customised home entertainment system, personal home theatre, lighting control systems or complete home automation, our specialists can help you seamlessly integrate these technologies into your architectural design. We have experience working from the simple to the most complex of home designs, and are dedicated to satisfying both architect and client, while making your design look even better.

Find out what is possible for your new home or renovation