Lutron Keypads

Pico keypads

Pico is Lutron's simplest and most cost effective keypad. They are wireless so can be installed absolutely anywhere on the wall or even on a nicely weighted tabletop pedestal. A versatile and easy-to-use control that requires no wires and is compatible with a wide variety of Lutron lighting, automated window treatment solutions, and audio systems.

Choose from predetermined icon engravings or customise the engravings with your own names.

Lutron Pico remote

Palladiom Keypads

Lutron Palladiom Keypads are our most popular keypad. The buttons are backlit and use dynamic LED brightness to indicate which scene or room is active. A subtle click confirms each touch, making these keypads a joy to use.

Lutron Palladiom keypads are available in a wide range of beautiful materials and finishes, and completely custom engraved with your choice of labels.

Buttons and faceplates are flush to each other and feature consistent material to create a clean, minimalist look. They are available in a wide variety of colours and finishes that will compliment any decor.



Alisse Keypads

The Alisse wall control integrates cutting-edge technology and timeless design that is intuitive and completely personalised to your needs. Hand-crafted with meticulous attention to detail, the Alisse wall control delivers a truly unique lighting experience. The sleek architectural design, innovative technical approach and customizable controls make Alisse a seamless addition to any room.


Made from genuine materials and available in a variety of exquisite finishes, the Alisse wall control is luxury embodied. Each Alisse wall control is customised to complement your aesthetic and lifestyle. Engraving allows you to personalise your wall control with attractive text or illustrative icons.

A range of finishes are available, including polished, brushed and painted metalic options. Choose from single, double or triple column/row button configurations to meet your needs