Monitor Audio Cinergy Home Cinema System

Monitor Audio Cinergy Home Cinema System

Cinergy - A cinema built around you

Cinergy represents the next level of home cinema from one of the worlds leading speaker manufacturers, Monitor Audio. This is a brand that has been a part of Soundline for many years now and we’re excited to see the potential of this range.

Cinergy is designed to be brought into your home by qualified installers that have the knowledge and skill to extract the most from this system. They will also have the backing of the Monitor Audio technical team to ensure that each Cinergy system is installed and calibrated to exactly suit you and your room. No compromises.

Cinergy is designed to be installed discreetly into your home so it's heard and not seen, blending into your theatre and not distracting from your viewing. Cinergy speakers can be built into walls and behind screens and your only awareness of them will be the stunning sound filling the room.

Soundline is proud to offer both the Synergy range and our team of expert installers to make sure you end up with a home cinema that’s far beyond ordinary.


Cinergy is packed with cutting edge technology like THX, high frequency transducers and drivers that can handle large amounts of power. Construction methods and materials are used that provide low distortion and loud, dynamic bass that will fill any room.

What’s more important though, is how it all gets out of the way and draws you into the movie experience like never before. Power and clarity unmatched by even the newest cinema multiplexes. Part of the reason this level of performance is possible is the modular nature of the Cinergy system. Isolation and fixing options give designers and installers a near-infinite number of possibilities when putting together your system. Fundamental design features like the ability to install vertically or horizontally and the ability to stack speakers means you can finally have a system that offers power and control that’s tailored exactly to you.


THX® Certified Ultra

THX is the gold standard for audio and visual fidelity: a globally recognised mark assuring you and your customer that Cinergy will deliver the ultimate home cinema experience. It’s not simply a set of measurements done on a computer or in a lab. THX certification is done using the dynamics of real-world listening, so you can have the utmost confidence in the equipment you install.


Rotatable mid-tweeter array

For added configuration versatility, the mid-tweeter array can be rotated 90° to match vertical and horizontal installs. The array on the Cinergy 200 and 300 features two mid-range drivers which double which double the power handling, improves efficiency and reduces reflections off ceilings and floors.


Bass driver

The powerful bass drivers use Monitor Audio's C-CAM cone material with Rigid Diaphragm Technology (RDT II) made up of ultra thin layers making it very light and very strong. A 75mm voice coil and high power handling keeps the driver cool, even in the most demanding scenes. This produces loud and dynamic bass with the lowest distrortion of any driver Monitor Audio has made.

Monitor Audio Cinergy Home Cinema System

Cinergys rotatable tweeter array and C-CAM bass drivers bring power and clarity


High frequency transducer

Using Micro Pleated Diaphragm (MPD) technology, the transducer on Cinergy acts like a super fast accordion, squeezing the pleats to product accurate and lifelike sounds without distortion. So even with the volume pumped right up, the sound couldn't be any clearer.


Mid range driver

Paired with the Transducer are high sensitivity and powerful 2.5" mid-range drivers. Employing the C-CAM cone material with RDT II technology for a clear and clear mid-range which is important for clarity. 

Monitor Audio Cinergy Home Cinema SystemMonitor Audio has also packed plenty into Cinergys mid and high ranges.


Cinergy 100

Whether it’s mounted on the wall or integrated within it, the Monitor Audio Cinergy 100 brings exceptional audio to your cinema space. Unique isolation options separate the speaker from surfaces around it, reducing vibrations for purer sound and a truly cinematic experience. Removable port bungs give your installer the power to tailor the bass response to you. And thanks to precise equaliser settings for use with Monitor Audio's Amplifiers, it’s possible to fine-tune your listening experience even further.


Cinergy 200

Cinergy 200 takes things up a notch with two mid range drivers for even better power handling and efficiency. A rotatable tweeter array allows for fine tuning no matter if the speaker is mounted horizontally or vertically on one of the numerous mounting options. The RDII bass driver brings exceptional high-power handling, high sensitivity, high excursion and low distortion. Cinergy 200 has the removable port bung for finessing of the bass response as well as unique isolation options to reduce unwanted vibrations by up to 18dB.

Monitor-Audio-Cinergy-200-home-cinema-speakerCinergy 200 - Two midrange drivers mean effortless performance.

Cinergy 300

Cinergy 300 is the largest speaker in the range with the sound to match. With professional installation from Soundline as part of a Cinergy system, you’ll have world-class cinema sound in your own home. Far superior to your local mainstream cinema, which is normally designed for larger groups to deliver the best median performance for everybody. Cinergy, on the other hand, is a cinema built around you and those closest to you.

Monitor-Audio-Cinergy-300-home-cinema-speakerCinergy 300 - Bringing world class sound to your home cinema


Cinergy Sub15

The Cinergy Sub15 is a low-end powerhouse that can be installed in the wall, stacked or used as a floorstanding unit. Better yet, you can combine it with other Cinergy Sub15 and Cinergy 300 units to create a hidden ‘sound wall’, delivering the kind of audio rarely experienced in the home. In order to achieve the full THX-certified experience, each Cinergy Sub15 needs be paired with Monitor Audio’s IA800-2C installation Amplifier.

Monitor-Audio-Cinergy-Sub15-home-cinema-subwooferCinergy Sub15 can be mounted in-wall, stacked or used as a floorstander


The Cinergy system is unlike anything seen before in the Home Cinema market. It’s unique design, flexibility and performance provides the ultimate base for creating the theatre of your dreams, in your own home. Talk to the Soundline team now about how Cinergy can be incorporated into your existing home theatre or new build.