Duetto - Wireless active speakers from Sonus faber

Duetto - Wireless active speakers from Sonus faber

No amplifier required

The new Duetto wireless speakers from Sonus faber are aimed at making music easier to enjoy than ever before. 40 years of high-fidelity audio engineering combined with Sonus faber’s signature design has produced Duetto. Formulated from scratch in Vicenza, Italy by the Sonus faber research and design team, Duetto is intended to integrate seamlessly into the wireless world.

Duetto makes music listening an everyday affair with support for Spotify, Apple AirPlay, Roon, Chromecast and a built in phono stage means you can connect your turntable to easily enjoy your favourite music on vinyl. HDMI input makes it easy to enhance your TV's sound with one easy connection and an optical connection is also available for a TV or gaming console.

Intuitive control

Control of Duetto comes via SENSO, a tactile leather top interface whose functions are inherited from Omnia. The leather top panel allows the user to control and set up speaker functions such as playback, volume and input selection with a buttonless interface and simple fingertip gestures. Control which streaming service is in use with this beautiful touch sensitive interface, as well as volume control. Customisation and control of Duetto is also made easy through the Sonus faber app, allowing you to get the best possible sound in any listening environment.


Ultra wide band technology

Duetto employs Ultra Wide Band (UWB) technology, enabling communication between the two speakers. The wireless transmission avoids latency and interference by other home networks while guaranteeing a wide frequency spectrum to send data signals at high speeds.


Duetto - Wireless active speakers from Sonus faber

Big sound in a compact design

Duetto marks Sonus faber's inaugural active stereo wireless speaker system. Powered by four bespoke amplifiers, Duetto presents an all-in-one sound solution, harmoniously blending a multitude of connectivity options while keeping the listening experience wire-free.

The Duetto speakers sound fantastic, and they nail the active speaker brief in a highly consumer-friendly way. - What Hi-Fi