Pro-ject audio

Pro-Ject Audio

Pro-Ject Audio has been reviving music since 1990. Shortly after the fall of the Berlin Wall, at a time when European factories were closing in droves, founder Heinz Lichtenegger went against the herd and bought a turntable factory in the small Czech town of Litovel. Retaining the experienced staff and re-imagining classic minimal turntable designs, he went to work constructing low cost, design-oriented turntables that would help people rediscover music the way it should be.

Pro-Ject Audio has a turntable for everybody, from the vinyl novice, to the analogue aficionado. Whether you are starting out, returning to vinyl or looking for the next step in analogue playback, Soundline can assist you in finding the right Pro-Ject Turntable.

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