LUMIN music streamers at Soundline

LUMIN music streamers at Soundline

Music streaming done right.

These are great times to be a music lover. Music streaming services now give us access to tens of millions of tracks, instantly and in high quality. Only a decade ago, this would have seemed an impossibility but now it's something we all carry with us in our pocket every day.

Something we're often asked is how can this convenience be easily added to an existing Hi-Fi system so the music can be enjoyed to its fullest. The answer is the LUMIN range of music streamers now available at Soundline. LUMIN bring a range of streaming music players that will easily integrate with your existing Hi-Fi system, giving you access to an unbelievable world of music and also making your Hi-Fi system easier for friends and family to enjoy.


Lumin and ipad

Power across the range

LUMIN have a long history in the the audio world having produced premium music streamers that have collected numerous awards. They are now a recognised leader in the field, and their streaming products are easy to use, meticulously constructed, fully upgradeable as new technologies emerge and most importantly, offer a superb musical performance.

From the first time you see and use a LUMIN music streamer, it's evident how much effort has been put into the design and build. Sourcing the highest-grade matched components, creating truly balanced circuits and housing them in a chassis that shields from interference all result in a full and lush audio experience with ultra-low levels of distortion and high dynamic range. Simple yet thoughtful design allows the hardware to get out of the way, giving you the greatest connection to your music.

Just as much work goes into the software that makes the LUMIN players so capable and easy to use. From the firmware that makes each player so reliable and fully featured, to the LUMIN app that runs on your smart device and puts all that music at your fingertips.


Stream or keep it local

The LUMIN range is all about streaming music and as you'd expect, all models support Spotify through the Spotify Connect service. High-resolution streaming comes to LUMIN players courtesy of Tidal and Qobuz streaming services. Tidal has been available in NZ for some time and many of our clients already use it. It offers a large library of CD quality streaming (approx 70 million songs..!) and around 23,000 albums in MQA high resolution. More recent to NZ is Qobuz, which boasts a catalogue of over 70,000 albums, 22,000 of which being high-resolution with up to 24-bit 192kHz resolution. Our initial listening tests revealed its sound quality, particularly on high res content to be superb.

Internet radio is handled through TuneIn and if you are an iPhone, iPad or Mac user, Apple Airplay is also supported so you're free to stream virtually anything through your LUMIN player.

If you have a collection of digital music, either purchased via websites like Bandcamp, HD Tracks or Qobuz, or ripped from your own CD collection, the LUMIN streamers will help you get the best from these files. They'll play music in any format (including DSD), stored on either a hard drive that's connected directly to a LUMIN, or via a network storage device like the LUMIN L1 or 3rd party NAS drive.



For those with large digital music libraries who want the ultimate browsing experience, the entire LUMIN range of streamers are Roon Ready, giving a seamless integration with your local music library via a user interface that’s as informative as it is elegant. Find out more about Roon.

LUMIN also provide their own app to give you full control of the player as well as browse your music collections. The interface is clean and simple which means you can get to the music you want, quickly. LUMIN streamers are also certified as Roon ready which makes them a great choice if you're a user of this service.


The models

At the top of the LUMIN range is the X1. This model pulls no punches and is designed to be the cutting edge of audio streaming. A seperate power supply keeps noise levels to an absolute minimum, which is also the focus of the optical network connector. Using an optical connection provides isolation from any noise on the digitial network, and is a demonstration of the lengths LUMIN will go to in the pursuit of the best possible listening experience.

The X1 features dual ES9038Pro SABRE DAC's ensuring there's plenty of dynamic range. Or if you prefer you can use the USB output to connect to your existing DAC. An upgraded processor means native DSD512 and MQA playback is a breeze.

Lumin X1 network streamer



The P1 is designed to be the heart of your audio system, offering support for Spotify Connect, Qobuz, Tidal, Roon and AirPlay. All high resolution formats are supported, as is the LUMIN L1 Music Server.

Video integration is also possible on the P1, with nine inputs, including three HDMI inputs. Adding a Blu-ray player allows you to build a formidable 2 channel movie system that will also deliver an outstanding experience.

LUMIN P1 netwrok streamer



The T3 sits mid-range and is referred to as the sweet spot, offering still premium levels of performance at a lower price point. Plenty of processing power and dual SABRE DAC's are still present as is DSD512 support. The internal power supply is the main difference between the T3 and flagship X1, but noise is still kept under control thanks to effective internal shielding and the use of quality components.




For those looking to dip a toe into high quality streaming audio or perhaps take an easy step up from their existing equipment, the D2 is a great option. More affordable, but giving away very little performance wise. Still offering DSD128 playback, Wolfson DAC chips and a fully balanced design, the D2 offers some outstanding value.




If you've already invested in a high quality DAC, the U1 or U2 Mini would be an excellent choice. Both of these players leave the conversion duties to your external DAC of choice, and focus their efforts on providing maximum DAC compatibility and optimisation.




For those looking for a more integrated and compact solution, the LUMIN M1 is a network streamer combined with a 60W Class-D amplifier. Like the rest of the LUMIN lineup, the M1 packs a capable power supply and places an emphasis on keeping noise levels to an absolute minimum.




If you already have a music collection that you've accumulated over the years or ripped from CD, LUMIN offer the L1 music server. A network storage device dedicated to storing music and seamlessly interfacing with your LUMIN player. Available in 2TB or 5TB options, the L1 adds simple, fast access to all of your local music.





If you're looking to add streaming to your HiFi setup or perhaps make a step up from your current gear, we recommend taking a look into the LUMIN range. Drop into Soundline and take a listen.