The Vinyl Frontier

The Vinyl Frontier

The Vinyl Frontier - All systems go

From May 8th, The Sound is going to embark on its latest mission, to explore classic albums, seek out great tracks and new deep cuts, to boldly go where no radio station has gone before.

Listen to The Sound on weekdays at 8am, 12 noon and 4pm to hear the hour's winning song. When you hear that song played, text ‘VINYL’ to 339 to enter to win the ultimate high-fidelity package.

You’ll go into the draw to win a Roksan Attessa Integrated Amplifier and Turntable with Monitor Audio speakers, plus 50 classic albums on 180-gram vinyl worth over $13,000.

The Sound Vinyl Frontier Soundline prize

Monitor Audio Silver 50 7G speakers

The Silver 50 7G speakers from Monitor Audio are small and compact, but bring all the performance of a much larger speaker. Designed to give deep, rich bass and pin-sharp clarity through the higher ranges, the Silver 50's are a great option for a smaller home music system. 


Roksan Attessa Integrated Amplifier

Getting the most from your speakers requires amplification which is provided here by the Roksan Attessa Integrated amplifier. Designed to be intuitive and easy to use, the Attessa Integrated amplifier just gets out of the way and lets you enjoy your music. At 130W per channel, this is a perfect match for the Silver 50 speakers.


Roksan Attessa Turntable

A built in phono stage on the Attessa Integrated amplifier allows for a direct connection of the Roksan Attessa turntable. Also designed to be simple to use, this is a plug and play way of getting your vinyl spinning and sounding great.

No complicated setup here. The specially designed unipivot tonearm makes for less hassle, and more HiFi.