Treating the music room

Treating the music room

Here's a recent installation we carried out for one of our Christchurch customers. A few too many hard and reflective surfaces in the room meant that their room wasn't sounding as good as it could be. 

After some room measurement and collaboration with the Artnovion team, a plan was hatched to tackle the reverberation in the room and make some improvements to the quality of the bass, always important when dialing up the volume for a blockbuster evening.

The newly released Cinema Series from Artnovion allows for the choice of a core, which has the job of absorbing sound or diffusing it, then adding a cover to provide the final look and finish. In this case we started on the front wall with an absorbtion CS panel with the Valley cover. Artnovion offer plenty of colour options so it's easy to choose something that either matches or contrasts with your decor. 

More sound absorbtion as well as some diffusion was added to the roof with Helen CS panels, a feature of which is the improvement to speech intelligibility offered to movie fans. Good first reflection control leaves dialogue clear and concice especially when a centre channel speaker is in use. Originally black, we painted the cores of these panels white to make them blend with the ceiling.

One thing to note is that it's not necessary to cover an entire wall with acoustic treatments, and in fact it's detrimental to do so. Too much absorbsion leaves a room feeling dead and lifeless and a small amount of reverberation is desired. The aim here is to control echo and reverberation, not eliminate of it.

On the side walls, some Sienna panels were added for sound absorbtion. These are a great example of how acoustic panels can become pieces of art as well as functional items. Grouped together they create an impressive effect and are quite stunning features in the room. 

Lastly, some Helen corner bass traps were added to the back corner of the room. These do a great job of eliminating standing waves that can muddy the bass and form a crucial part of the treatment system.

The installation of these acoustic treatments has made a huge difference to the sound of the room. Even without music playing, it's a quieter, more relaxing place to be. But cranking up some favourite tracks it's immediately obvious the difference they've made. Noticably less echo and and big boost in clarity are benefits that will stick around to be enjoyed for many years to come.

Have a chat with us today to find out how we can help with similar improvements to your listening space. Remember, acoustic treatments are the most cost effective way to make huge improvements in your music and home theatre systems.