Artnovion Valley CS Acoustic panels

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Choose a core, add a cover

Artnovion have envisioned a new way of creating Home Cinemas. The Cinema Series combines inspiring patterns, colour palettes and remarkable acoustic performance. Discover the Cinema Series, a flexible range that can be adapted to a wide variety of environments and then tailored into beautiful, timeless, multifunctional designs.

Cinema series offers a range of cores that allows for precise control and tuning of room acoustics.

Valley CS is a distinctive and highly efficient absorber that plays with geometric patterns to create abstract shapes. Different elements can be connected in a variety of geometric patterns to generate unpredictable and (a)symmetric designs using a discreet modular installation system. This modular system uses four different wooden cores: an Absorber, Diffuser, Bass Trap, and Speaker options. Each provides distinct functionality while keeping the same design. The acoustic covers can be easily swapped or replaced.

The Absorber core will remove reflected sound energy from your room, combating echo and standing waves that can impact sound quality.

The Diffuser core will allow for some sound reflection back into the room in a controlled and tunable way that keeps the room sounding 'alive'.

The Bass Trap cores specialise in controlling excess bass energy and are also tailored to the room.

The Speaker core allows for an acoustic treatment panel to be placed diretly over an wall mounted speaker and seamlessly integrate them into your room. These panels are acoustically transparent allowing sound to pass outwards unimpeded. 

Artnovion Valley CS Acoustic panels

Customised design service

Although Artnovion acoustic treatments work well individually, it's when they're part of a well designed system that they truly begin to shine. Each room is different in its physical size and acoustic properties, just as every audio system is. This makes correct product selection and system design critial to the sound quality of the room. 

Soundline offers a personal design service that takes detailed measurements of your room, then works with acoustic engineers to design a system that will give you the best possible result. Specialised software calculates the optimum placement of treatments so that you can enjoy vastly improved sound for years to come.

Helen-acoustic-panel-product-detailsAcoustic panels from Artnovion have a wide range of colour options.

Due to the bespoke nature of our high-end music systems this product is not available to be purchased online. Please contact us for personalized service from one of our team of experts.