Kimber Silver Streak Interconnect

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SILVER STREAK™ WBT 0147® Analogue Interconnect

This KIMBER KABLE Silver Streak analogue interconnect incorporates separately insulated silver and copper conductors into the proven tri-braid geometry. The signal is carried via the same Hyper-pure, VariStrand™ silver found in the world renowned KCAG. The ground plane is comprised of Hyper-pure, VariStrand™ copper. This cable offers exceptional speed, clarity, and spaciousness at a very reasonable cost. Silver Streak single-ended features precision machined WBT® 0147 RCA type connectors.


  • Tri-braid field geometry
  • 1 hyper-pure silver and 2 copper conductors
  • Varistrand
  • WBT® 0147 RCA type connectors




  • Parallel capacitance: 53.0pF @ 20kHz 
  • Series inductance: 0.750H @ 20kHz 
  • DC loop resistance: 0.061Ω 
  • Total reactance: 0.095Ω @ 20kHz 
  • Frequency response: ± 0.5dB DC - 10MHz