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HiFi and Home Theatre

Seeking the ultimate home entertainment system? Soundline can help

Whether you are looking for a music system capable of recreating a live concert experience, a custom-designed home theatre with performance to surpass any multiplex cinema or the ability to set the scene with an integrated whole-home audio visual system. Soundline's partnerships with the world's most renowned manufacturers and our decades of unparalleled expertise means that we can offer you the ultimate in home entertainment systems, custom-designed to fit your lifestyle and space.

A Soundline Home Entertainment System will give you a true high-end experience with the best sight and sound, stunning aesthetics, simplicity of use, and long-term reliability. Experience your Music, TV, Movies and Games like never before.


The ultimate in home entertainment

Soundline can integrate high-performance home theatre systems into your living areas using discrete, hidden speakers and electronics with flat panel TV's or drop-down projection screens.

A Soundline home theatre system will give you true high-end sound and video in these areas with little impact on the aesthetics of your room and customized remote control allows you and your family to control the system with ease.


Music like you've never heard before

A state-of-the-art music system can re-create the clarity, accuracy and emotion of music as it should be, while re-creating the illusion of a live musical performance. A quality and well designed 2-channel system can project remarkably life-like sound.

Correct installation will ensure the quality performance of your equipment, and done properly can bring life to your home. Soundline can assist you with installation to guarantee your system's maximum potential. We can even assist with the design of a dedicated listening room


Create a cinema experience at home

A Home Cinema Room a dedicated space for experiencing a movies  at its best. A place in your home where you can escape for a few hours, and if properly designed and installed, the experience will easily surpass a trip to your local cinema multiplex.

Home Cinema rooms will typically feature large projection screens, speakers and subwoofers installed in the ideal locations to match the audience and the acoustics of the room. Acoustic treatments and room design can be applied to cinema rooms for those who demand the very best.


Set the tone throughout your home

A multi-room audio/video system brings the enjoyment of music and video to any room of your home completely at your control.

A Soundline multi-room system can be virtually invisible and is devoid of unnecessary complexity. All of our systems feature reliability, ease of use and expandability.