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The perfect introduction to audiophile streaming

Music streaming is very much here to stay, and puts instant access to tens of millions of songs at your fingertips. LUMIN music streamers bring together all of your favourite streaming and locally stored digital music, and let you enjoy it through your existing audio system as a single source. LUMIN brings the highest quality to digital music and brings a listening experience rivaling that of vinyl, but with all of the convenience and selection offered by streaming services.

Lumin D2 Music streamer

An update to the hugely successful LUMIN D1 with the latest (and much faster) processor to allow playback of DSD128 5.6MHz files, plus a few other tweaks. The power supply is now internal and along with a reworking of the board layout, this delivers improved audio quality over the original D1.

To house all this, the case has been enlarged and has gained some production refinements. As a bonus, LUMIN D2 is also now available in a black anodised finish as well as the stunning LUMIN raw silver.

Of course, it includes all the usual LUMIN features: Fully balanced design including XLR outputs, DSD upsampling, DoP (DSD over PCM) support, Wolfson WM8741 DAC chips, and a continuous software development programme that has seen MQA and Roon support added in the last year alone.

LUMIN D2 Music Streamer

The music I played was consistently presented effortlessly, relaxed, clean, and full-bodied. The crisp, tonally realistic image had a warm and natural musicality. With plenty of texture and space. The soft sequences were soothingly sweet. While the punchy passages were eloquently dynamic. The unit provides easy listening. By that I mean a fresh, lively and smooth, and a very refined, impactful and enjoyable sound image on everything I played.” — AUDIONUT.NET


Total control with the LUMIN App or Roon 

The recent transition from physical music to digital collections hasn't always retained everything we value in the tactile and stimulating process of music selection. The artwork and album structure are important parts of the browsing and selection process; and filenames, codecs and data can sometimes get in the way.

All LUMIN control is achieved through the free LUMIN App. It was created to work in harmony with the LUMIN hardware to deliver the most intuitive and visually rich way to browse, select and play your music collection.

All LUMIN network players are certified as Roon ready, which means they'll drop right into your existing setup if you're a Roon user.


A formidable package.

- Faster processor to allow playback of DSD128 5.6MHz
- Internal power supply keeps interference lower and cabling neater
- Wolfson WM8741 DAC chips, 1 chip per channel
- Retains fully balanced design of the LUMIN family – including XLR outputs
- Compact case with solid aluminium CNC front panel
- Available in black anodised finish as well as raw silver
- Gigabit Ethernet

All the usual LUMIN refinements

- From MQA to DSD, FLAC to WAV, LUMIN can play all the high-resolution formats you could ever want.
Native support for TIDAL, Qobuz, Spotify and AirPlay-compatible, giving you access to tens of millions of songs.
The unique and intuitive LUMIN App.
LUMIN programme of continuous development that has seen Roon, MQA, and Spotify support added in 2017 alone.

LUMIN D2 Music Streamer

DSD SUPPORT: Up to DSD128 5.6MHz, 1-bit

PCM SUPPORT: Up to 384kHz, 16–32bit, Stereo

UPSAMPLING RATES & BIT DEPTHS: DSD upsampling option for all files up to 96kHz PCM 192kHz upsampling option for all files up to 96kHz

ANALOG OUTPUT STAGE: Wolfson WM8741 DAC chips, 1 chip per channel Fully balanced layout with high-quality components

DIGITAL OUTPUT STAGE: BNC SPDIF: PCM 44.1kHz–192kHz, 16–24-bit DSD (DoP, DSD over PCM) 2.8MHz, 1-bit

POWER SUPPLY: Internal 100–240V AC auto-ranging


FINISH: Raw brushed aluminium or black anodised brushed aluminium

D2 UNIT: 300mm (W), 244mm (D), 60mm (H), 2.5kg

PACKAGING: 470mm (W), 340mm (D), 170mm (H), 4.5kg

The LUMIN D2 is especially impressive given the price. It goes further than just delivering a recording, instead getting the listener into the heart of the music. Good things, small packages – you get the idea: while the D2 may be compact, lightweight and unassuming (albeit in a very classy manner), the sound it delivers is big, rich and dramatic when required, then at the next turn refined and intimate.  more...

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Add to this the functionality that covers virtually everything a demanding user can expect and we get a device that is simply excellent, and one which a music and emotion lover will find it difficult to find competition for at a similar and even slightly higher price level. LUMIN engineers once again did a great job!  more...

Lumin D2 review

I can only recommend the Lumin D2 from all points of view, especially since it also enables non-IT experts to integrate it into their home hi-fi system in an exemplary manner. more...