Sonus Faber Olympica

In creating the Olympica range the aim of Sonus faber was to create a family of speakers with a rich content but able to evoke those visual and tactile emotions that have always characterised its production. This means wood, leather, artisan skill, the timeless values of a product made carefully and passionately that emanates true love for one’s own work and Music. We must not forget, however, that the purpose of a speaker is to recall an original sound event, making it live again and providing the same emotions we feel when listening to an orchestra, rock band, jazz trio or powerful soundtrack. This is why Sonus faber thinks of speakers as musical instruments, and we are convinced that good sound depends, to a large extent, on the acoustic chamber, just like in a string instrument.

Technology Sonus faber’s Olympica series was designed using all the know-how that Sonus faber has acquired from producing highly prestigious speakers for more than thirty years, combined with cutting edge software and long critical listening sessions. The speakers are 100% made in Italy by skilled artisans, both men and women, who work in our premises in Arcugnano. Careful selection of the materials used and strict checks carried out during work guarantee speaker excellence and inalterability over time. Last, but certainly not least, are the components: exclusive drivers completely designed by Sonus faber and assembled by the best Scandinavian manufacturing companies, crossovers made with great care using high quality components and maximum attention to the signal route, right from the making of the terminal block, to guarantee that it reaches the speaker unaltered.

The Design The construction of the acoustic chamber is an element of great importance for the tone quality of the speaker. Sonus faber has always been a leader in the search for cabinet shapes and proportions that guarantee exceptional control of internal resonance, perfect acoustics, excellent driver stability and easy integration in rooms. This is where the choice of taking inspiration from the lyre shape of the flagship Aida and the classic lute shape stems from, which has allowed Sonus faber to obtain special section asymmetry for the very first time. This special asymmetry further launches the concept of no parallel walls, and supports what is doubtlessly the most important technique of these speakers, namely the new bass reflex “Stealth Ultraflex” system, which gives no structural distortion and air movement volume control. This means a dynamic, clean sound that is rich in detail but completely natural.As always, at Sonus faber the total design is the result of what the sound demands: shape and function are correctly expressed in the Olympica family.

The Crossover, the Drivers and the Bass-Reflex Sonus faber are convinced that the best judge of our design choices is that most amazing and unique instrument, the human ear. This is one of the key principles that have driven the design of Sonus Faber products, since the very beginning of our activity. During the research phase, every component is conceived and designed with this evaluation criterion in mind. As already mentioned, all the Olympica drivers are a new and original project for the Sonus faber laboratories, and are assembled by highly accomplished Scandinavian companies specifically for these models. To optimise speaker performances, the original bassreflex “Stealth Ultraflex” system was implemented in all Olympica models, the true innovative heart of this project that guarantees speed, articulation and extension to medium-low frequencies. All in all, this reflex system with perforated vertical and lateral metal sheets placed near the outlet gives an additional advantage, being that speaker sound performance can be optimized by the user, who decides whether to position the speakers with the reflex outlet towards the inside or the outside, according to the acoustics or personal taste. Extreme care is taken in the design of the crossover network, in order to meet our standards. Choices regarding the type of network and components, combined with the drivers, are fundamental for speaker quality. The Sonus faber Olympica family is designed using specific software; during the final phase of their development, what we call the “ear tuning” phase, everything is perfected because the ultimate goal of Sonus faber musical instruments is to add satisfaction and emotion when listening to music.

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