Accuphase AD-50 Phono Stage Board

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High-Performance Phono Equaliser Amp

The AD-50 is a high-performance phono equaliser amp board suitable for use in various Accuphase preamplifiers or integrated amplifiers. It features the latest circuit topology and carefully selected high-quality materials for lowest noise and extremely precise RIAA equalisation with minimum deviation. This brings out the sonic character of every phono cartridge, letting the listener fully enjoy the enchanting music qualities of analogue records.


MC/MM switching can be performed with the controls on the front panel of the amplifier. For MC, the impedance most suitable for the cartage in use can be selected (30/100/300 ohms). The board also incorporates a subsonic filter set to 25Hz at -12dB per octave, to cut ultra-low frequency noise and woofer flutter cause by record warps which could otherwise affect reproduction quality in the audible spectrum.

Option board compatibility chart.

MC : Moving Coil type

Gain: 66 dB

Input Impedance: 30/100/300 ohms (selectable)

Sensitivity: 0.126mV

Frequency Response (20Hz~20kHz): ±0.3dB

S/N Ratio: 84dB

MM : Moving Magnet type

Gain: 40 dB Input

Impedance: 47 kilohms

Sensitivity: 2.5mV

Frequency Response (20Hz~20kHz): ±0.3dB

S/N Ratio: 86dB

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