Artnovion Wall Kit Bass Trap (Siena)

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Mobile Bass Trap

Based in Portugal, Artnovion combines the tradition of European design with the best of 21st-century technology. They have pushed the boundaries of acoustic engineering to offer a selection of products that combine high acoustic performance and unique visual effects.

Artnovion’s new bass trap mobile wall kit is dedicated to hi-fi enthusiasts that are looking for a less invasive low-frequency treatment. Installing our tuneable membrane bass traps on this freestanding support allows you to place the products anywhere in your room and keeps you from having to screw or glue anything on its surfaces.


Artnovion Mobile Bass Trap Kit

    Customised design service

    Although Artnovion acoustic treatments work well individually, it's when they're part of a well designed system that they truly begin to shine. Each room is different in its physical size and acoustic properties, just as every audio system is. This makes correct product selection and system design critial to the sound quality of the room. 

    Soundline offers a personal design service that takes detailed measurements of your room, then works with acoustic engineers to design a system that will give you the best possible result. Specialised software calculates the optimum placement of treatments so that you can enjoy vastly improved sound for years to come.

    Each Kit contains 1 Mobile Wall and 3 units of Siena - Bass Trap Corner.

    Structure materials: - Marine grade plywood - Inox tube

    Panel materials:

    - Lacquered & Natural Wood

    - Marine grade plywood frame

    - Tuneable diaphragmatic membranes (TPDA)

    - High performance porous absorber core (VABT)


    Siena Bass Trap Corner | 595x595x213mm

    Siena Mobile Wall Kit | 595x1830x345mm

    Due to the bespoke nature of our high-end music systems this product is not available to be purchased online. Please contact us for personalized service from one of our team of experts.