Bluesound HUB

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A versatile network accessory

Streaming audio is more flexible than ever with the HUB. Turn any wired audio device into a multi-room player by adding a HUB to transmit music to one or many Bluesound players around the home, wirelessly. This means you can now stream virtually any audio source, anywhere.

Play anything, anywhere

Easily add a Bluesound HUB to any audio source and stream it through your Bluesound multi-room music system. Enjoy your favorite music from audio sources like a turntable or CD player in any other connected room of your home.

Vinyl lovers will appreciate the HUB's built-in audiophile-grade MM phono stage preamp that brings the audio from your turntable to all your Bluesound players for whole-home turntable streaming. The HUB acts as a networked low noise, wide-bandwidth phono pre-amp, delivering spectacular audio quality so you can enjoy your vinyl collection in any or every room of your home.

Bluesound HUB


  • Connect any wired audio source to the HUB to bring it into your Bluesound ecosystem
  • Stream your CD and vinyl collections anywhere in the house without being limited by wires or proximity
  • Low noise, wide-band moving magnet phono stage acts as a network turntable preamp for hi-res playback of vinyl
  • Use the HUB with a pair of Bluesound Pulse speakers to upgrade your TV sound
  • Enjoy five input options: HDMI eARC, Coaxial, Digital Optical, Stereo Analog and a moving magnet Phono stage to support your music devices
  • Play one analog and one digital stream simultaneously to different Bluesound or BluOS players
  • Easily choose any HUB input as the audio source for your Bluesound player with the BluOS app
  • Connect to the network with dual-band Wi-Fi or Gigabit ethernet
  • Universal USB-C plug and play power


Operating System: BluOS
BluOS Controller Operating System: iOS, Android, Windows, MacOS
Control System Integrations (via software update): Control4, Crestron, URC, RTI, ELAN, Lutron
Simultaneous Audio Streams: 2 per HUB
1 x analog audio input, 1 x digital audio input
Maximum Number Units: 4x HUB on single network (8 simultaneous streams)
Native Sampling Rates: up to 192 kHz
Bit Depth: 16-24
Signal-to-Noise Ratio: >100 dB (Line input)
>80 dB (Phono MM input)
Distortion: <0.03% 20-20 kHz -1dBFS output
Frequency Response: 20-20 kHz +/-0.3dB; 50 kHz -3dB

Power Supply: Universal USB-C Power adapter
(Input:100-240V AC/0.3A Output:5V/2A)
Ethernet/LAN: Ethernet RJ45, GigE 1000 Mbps
Wi-Fi Built In: Wi-Fi 5 (802.11ac), 2.4/5GHz
Analog Line Input: 1 x Stereo RCA
Phono Input: 1 x Stereo RCA (Moving Magnet)
Optical Input: 1 x TOSLINK digital optical

Coaxial Input
1 x RCA (75 ohms)

HDMI Input

USB Input
Type A (for BluOS firmware upgrade only)

Audio Output