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The flexible core of any system

Brains is an integrated amplifier equipped with an impressive range of inputs, the perfect focal point around which to build your sound system. You could be diving into vinyl for the first time, streaming music from your phone, digging out your old CD collection, or hooking up your TV for stirring cinematic sound. It has all those bases covered, and is housed in a beautifully minimalist chassis that slides comfortably into any room’s unique aesthetic. You can also enjoy some one-on-one time with your music with the headphone output, excellent for late night listening.

Encel Brains Integrated Amplifier

Part of the family

Brains is made from durable materials, chosen for their sturdy, robust qualities. With so many modern audio products designed to be upgraded or replaced within a few years, its beautiful, timeless looks and longevity are a breath of fresh air. Many aspects of the componentry are repairable, meaning it’ll continue bringing joyful sound into your life for as long as it’s loved, a wonderful family heirloom to deliver music for generations ahead.

Total control of your sound

Simple bass and treble controls allow you to shape your sound as you like, enriching music, films and games with low-end thunder or adding a touch of extra sparkle and clarity. Tone controls give the benefit of allowing you to adapt your sound to your specific listening conditions. Smaller speakers in a large room? Give the bass dial a generous spin. Music sounding a little flat in a smaller carpeted space? Get that treble singing. Brains hands you full control of your sound. Input selection and volume can be adjusted from afar with the remote control, which is bundled free of charge.

Smart engineering, designed in Melbourne

Brains boasts a high-current, low-noise transformer, engineered to eliminate unwanted physical vibrations and electrical interference. Think of it as the bridge between the power from the wall socket and the delicate internal circuitry of an amplifier. It’s absolutely essential that this circuitry is fed with clean power, free of electronic noise, and that’s precisely what the transformer does. Under the hood you’ll also find Class A/B amplification. Bluetooth speakers and wireless headphones use what’s called Class D amplification. It’s more efficient, and certainly fits into smaller spaces, but the organic, faithful, vividly rendered sound of Class A/B can’t be imitated or replaced.The resulting sound that’s created by these elements is nothing short of breathtaking.

The main chassis is custom-engineered from steel with special tooling for the solid aluminium front panel, and finished with a fine sand-blast to accentuate its elegant lines. Volume is controlled entirely in the analog domain, eliminating the introduction of digital artefacts.

Brains is available in black or white finishes with inverted shading for the control dials and input selectors. Design work was undertaken in Melbourne, with dozens of iterations experimented with and refined before arriving at the finished product. Every aspect of the engineering and hardware have been chosen with beautiful, natural sound at front of mind. Encel has been bringing wonderful sound to Australian living rooms for over 60 years, and here that legacy continues boldly.