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Grand Prix Audio Woodcote Hi-Fi Rack


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Product Description

Woodcote Component Isolation System

Grand Prix Audio Component Isolation Systems have the lowest natural frequency and therefore the best resonance control available.  The Woodcote is the entry level 4-leg isolation system with hardwood finishes available in Walnut, Cherry, Clear Maple, and Wormy Maple.  This artisan wood line has warmth and style; and features masterfully crafted floating “tenon” joinery, plus the option to join unit-to-unit with shared framing.


The Woodcote Isolation System is Available in several variations;

  • 36" Tall, 3 Shelf
  • 44" Tall, 4 Shelf
  • 52" Tall, 5 Shelf

    •The Woodcote has Multi-Stage Isolation™ in each unit and can be joined to create double-wide, triple-wide, or expand the system to line an entire wall.  Each expansion requires only one center frame support, 2 floor couplers (front/back), and the number of shelves desired.
    •Add or remove shelves at any time, and customize each shelf height to match your component requirements as needs change.
    •Each shelf has a functional composite core with hardwood perimeter independently suspended with custom Sorbothane dampers.Dampers can be independently tuned for specific weight-loading to optimize the performance of any component.
    •All GPA isolation products come complete with chassis and shelves, appropriate weight-defined dampers based on individual customer load requirements, and Spiked Base Coupler.
    •UPGRADES:Custom heights available.Upgrade with Formula Shelves and APEX Footers.




  • Standard Finish: Walnut, Cherry, Clear Maple, and Wormy Maple
  • Custom Finish: Other wood choice and custom inlay by special order
  • Height: Standard 24”, 36”, 44” and custom heights by special order
  • Shelf Dimensions:
  • Small Shelf:18.25" W x 15.25” D
  • Large Shelf:18.25" W x 19.25” D
  • Outside Dimensions:
  • Small Shelf:23.25" W x 18.25" D
  • Large Shelf:23.25" W x 22.25" D 
  • Weight: Varies by dimension and wood choice, call for quote
  • Weight-bearing Capacity: 200 pounds per shelf standard, heavier is possible on a case by case basis
  • Materials: Hardwood and Hardwood composite, Stainless Steel, Sorbothane 
  • UPGRADES: APEX Footer, Formula Shelves, and custom height and custom wood choice options