Audio Research I/50 Integrated Vacuum Tube Amplifier

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The I/50 Integrated Amplifier is the first product in an all-new series from Audio Research. Functionally simple, visually engaging, and musically sublime - the I/50 takes music listening to a whole new experience. Hand-crafted in Minnesota, the I/50 is built with the same attention to detail as all other Audio Research products - each one even gets its own listening test with sonic designer, Warren Gehl. 


Audio Research I50 integrated amplifier

Available in six colors, the I/50 features Cerakote finishes for a beautiful and long-lasting look. The modular design allows for the installation of two audio modules - a Phono Stage, and a D/A Converter (to come in 2022). The high current, 50 watt per channel amplifier is capable of driving a wide variety of speakers. A headphone jack allows for personal listening time.

The performance of the I/50 belies its compact design. Designed by the Audio Research engineering team and fine-tuned by our sonic designer, the I/50 has been given the same level of care and attention as our Reference Series products.


The I/50 is designed to be easy to use, and has three controls on its top panel -  power, Input, and Volume. Two LexieTubes® provide display information for input selection and volume. Two matched pairs of 6550WE vacuum tubes, along with three 6922 tubes, stand in front of the perforated transformer cover. Three single-ended inputs and one XLR input provide connectivity for most systems, along with 4- and 8- Ohm speaker taps to accommodate your speaker of choice. One input can be assigned for pass-through function. A full-function metal remote control provides further functionality and operation. An optional tube cage will be available.


  • 50 Watts per channel
  • 4 Inputs (3SE, 1 XLR)
  • Optional Phono Input Module
  • Optional DAC Module
  • 4 and 8 Ohm speaker connections
  • 2 matched paris 6550WE


Power Output: 50 watts continuous from 20Hz to 20kHz. 1kHz total harmonic distortion typically 1% per channel, below 0.1% at 1 watt

Power Bandwidth: (-3dB points) 10Hz to 22kHz

Frequency Response: (-3dB points at 1 watt) 7Hz to 30kHz

Input Sensitivity: 1.25V RMS for rated output.

Input Impedance: 100K ohms Balanced, 48K ohms Single Ended

Output Polarity: Non-inverting. Balanced input pin 2+ (IEC-268)

Output Taps: 8 ohms, 4 ohms

Power Requirements: 105-130VAC 60Hz (210-250VAC 50Hz) 252 watts at rated output.

Tubes Required: 2 matched pair 6550WE; 3-6922 (1 input, 2 driver).

Dimensions: Width 16.5” (42 cm) Height 7.25” (18 cm) Depth 13.5” (34 cm)

Weight: 40 lbs (18.1 kg); 51 lbs (23.1kg) shipping weight.

Audio Research I50 inegrated amplifier

The overture to Puccini’s La Boheme floats effortlessly out into space, and when the bigger strings come in, you can feel it vibrate in the sofa. At the same time, the strings sound weightless, resolved and open. I was a little surprised at how well the amp managed to keep a grip on the dynamics when playing loud. 50 watts isn’t a lot, but it’s clear that Audio Research has given the amp a power supply that doesn’t easily run out of power. more...

Audio research i50 reviewIt’s probably no surprise that I’m deeply impressed by the Audio Research I/50 integrated amp. It’s an amplifier that anyone could live with and enjoy. more...


It is the perfect amplifier for use in a relatively small room with a high-quality source and speakers. The I/50 has a touch of that "tube magic" but without going whole hog, as so many of the current crop of tubed amplifiers do. more...

Due to the bespoke nature of our high-end music systems this product is not available to be purchased online. Please contact us for personalized service from one of our team of experts.