Keith Monks Audio Works Prodigy Plus Record Cleaning machine

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Record Cleaning Machine

The Keith Monks discOveryOne, the precision record cleaner, for everyone.

  • Keith Monks - made affordable, and easy!
  • Simplified design, semi automatic version of the world famous original Record Cleaning Machine
  • Precision engineered for long-term reliability using only professional, industrial and medical grade components
  • Beautifully finished to blend in with your home
  • Compact, light, whisper quiet, easy, fun!

From the makers of the world's first electric Record Cleaning Machine. Originally designed and developed with engineers at the BBC, and trusted by the British Library National Sound Archive, the US Library of Congress and most major libraries and archives around the world.

Keith Monks. Making records sound better since 1969.


  • Tried and trusted technique from the originators of electric record cleaning
  • Quietest ever electric record cleaner (37dB, C weighted, 1 metre)
  • Very simple and intuitive to use
  • Original Keith Monks Point Suction Precision Clean vacuum system
  • Whisper quiet medical grade diaphragm suction pump – a compact version of the BBC specification vacuum pump.
  • Classic Keith Monks precision wash system with Mini Cooper wash pump (discOveryOne Classic)
  • Automatic functions including auto off
  • Engineered for long life and reliability
  • Every drop of fluid removed by powerful vacuum arm
  • Fresh, unused, uncontaminated cleaning fluid for every record Fresh, unused, uncontaminated contact with machine for every record
  • SuperSilent professional direct drive turntable
  • Automatic thread reel out
  • Dry cycle semi-automatic process
  • Auto shutdown if the waste container is full.


    • Width: 58cm
    • Height: 33cm rising up to 38cm (the tops of the left and right sides of the cabinet slope upwards front to back)
    • Depth: 47cm
    • A Lid/cover comes as standard which covers the main turntable section.
    • Precision built Record Cleaning Machine - SuperSilent direct drive turntable
    • Automatic thread reelout
    • Precision Clean vacuum system
    • Whisper quiet medical grade suction pump
    • Auto overheat protection system