Keith Monks DiscOvery 33/45 Record Cleaning Fluid

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Record Cleaning Fluid

Organic record cleaning fluid suitable for all 33 and 45s. The DiscOvery 33/45 is used by National Library and Archive House because of its effectiveness and that it uses all natural pure botanicals and laboratory triple filtered distilled and deionized water.

Tested with the University of Southampton in England, the Discovery deep cleans your records, removing static, surface noise, grit, grease fume residue and residues left from other record cleaners. Ideal for releasing the pressing agent oils from record manufacturing, this is one of the biggest benefits of cleaning new records.

Soundline Christchurch have personally tested dozens record cleaning solutions over the years and this easily beats all the others hands down.  Works with all Record cleaning Machines and suitable for hand washing with the use of distilled water.

Please never clean your records and return in the old used sleeve replace with a new antistatic sleeve such as the Mofi sleeves.

Natural Precision Cleaning fluid for vinyl LP records and 45rpm singles.

  • Complete one-bottle all-natural cleaning solution for vinyl records
  • Restores old records, elevates sound quality and protects brand new unplayed discs
  • Dissolves and removes dust, dirt and grease
  • Removes particle residue and excess mold release stamper oils left behind during record pressing
  • Superior antifungal action
  • Removes static
  • Leaves no audible or visible residue
  • 100% natural plant-based active ingredients blended with pure finest grade triple filtered distilled water
  • Natural dye for easy identification (from super concentrate, leaves no residue)
  • Delivers best-ever sound quality enhancement and noise reduction from a Keith Monks RCM.
  • 1 litre (Cleans approx. 200 LP sides)