Kimber 4TC Speaker Cable

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4TC Speaker Cable Clear/White [Per Pair]

When it comes to achieving the highest level of audio fidelity, the Kimber Kable 12TC Speaker Cable stands as a testament to precision engineering and craftsmanship. Unleash the hidden potential of your audio system and experience music in all its glory with this exceptional speaker cable.

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KIMBER KABLE 4TC consists of eight individual TCSS conductors, four white and four clear that utilize KIMBER KABLE's proven braiding technique. The insulating dielectric is high pressure-low temperature-extruded Teflon™. The individual conductors are Hyper-pure copper, arranged in proven VariStrand™ conductor geometry. The aggregate wire size is two 13 AWG conductors. The focus, transparency, and transient speed of 4TC are stunning. 4TC continues to receive enthusiastic reviews and recommendations from consumers and critics worldwide.

Custom lengths and connection options are available on request.


"Kimber may have changed the colour of this cable's insulation, but the inherently 'likeable' sound we identified in blind listening tests some 20 years ago is just as evident today." Hi-fi News magazine (January 2013).


  • Four white and four white braided conductors
  • 2 x 13 AWG / 2.63mm
  • VariStrand hyper-pure copper
  • FEP dielectric

Connector options

Kimber Kable connection options

  • Parallel capacitance: 136pF @ 20kHz
  • Series inductance: 0.225H @ 20kHz
  • DC loop resistance: 0.016Ω