Kimber 8TC Speaker Cable

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8TC Speaker Cable White/Clear [Per Pair]

The Kimber Kable 4TC is meticulously designed to minimize signal distortion and maximize signal integrity. With its high-purity copper conductors, you can expect an audio signal that's remarkably clean, transparent, and free from interference, ensuring your music resonates with the artist's intended brilliance.

KIMBER KABLE 8TC consists of sixteen individual TCSS conductors, eight blue and eight black, arranged in a large format braid. Individual conductors are Hyper-pure copper and utilize KIMBER KABLE's proven VariStrand™ conductor geometry. The insulating dielectric is a high pressure-low temperature-extruded Teflon®. The aggregate wire size is two 9 awg conductors. By virtue of its full, accurate and dimensional sound, 8TC ranks as one of the best high-end audio values of all time and, without question, is the best sounding moderately priced cable on the market.

Custom lengths and connection options are available on request.

Made to order. On receipt of your order, we aim to despatch this item within 3 working days.

"For all my listening, I used Kimber's 8TC speaker cables and a 0.5m pair of Hero interconnects. These wire goods are of the strong, silent, John Wayne type—they just shut up and get the job done." - Stereophile.


  • Eight clear and eight white braided conductors
  • 2 x 9 AWG / 2.62mm
  • VariStrand ultra-pure copper
  • FEP dielectric


Connector options

Kimber Kable connection options

  • Parallel capacitance: 346pF @ 20kHz
  • Series inductance: 0.09H @ 20kHz
  • DC loop resistance: 0.008Ω