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Pure digital focus

Music streaming services now provide us with instant access to tens of millions of tracks of high quality audio. LUMIN music streamers make it easy to integrate this vast library of music into your Hi-Fi system, allowing you to get the most out of your listening experience.

The LUMIN U2 streaming transport brings features from higher in the range to deliver a music streamer that delivers future-proof performance and sound with exceptionally low noise. The perfect way to add streaming if your system already includes a quality DAC.

A new generation of hardware brings even more processing power, which means better audio processing performance. DSD256 up/down sampling is supported, as is DSD512 playback. It also means increased capacity for future upgrades as the streaming landscape evolves. 

There's no shortage of connectivity options with dual network ports plus a built in network switch. A fibre connection provides complete isolation from network digital noise and three USB ports are included; one of which is a dedicated low-noise output to your DAC. LUMIN's focus on reducing noise extends further into the system with exceptionally low-noise crystal clock oscillators, as well as a new integrated toroidal linear power supply.

The U2 is a well built as anything else in the range, and is the first LUMIN transport to feature an all-in-one chassis. Thick CNC panelled aluminium construction offers even more rigidity and shielding than previous models and fits perfectly with the LUMIN family aesthetic.


LUMIN U2 Music Streaming Transport


Stream from anywhere 

The LUMIN range is all about streaming music and as you'd expect, all models support the Spotify Connect and Tidal Connect services. High-resolution streaming comes to LUMIN players courtesy of Tidal and Qobuz streaming services. Tidal has been available in NZ for some time and many of our clients already use it. It offers a large library of CD quality streaming (approx 70 million songs..!) and around 23,000 albums in MQA high resolution. More recent to NZ is Qobuz, which boasts a catalogue of over 70,000 albums, 22,000 of which being high-resolution with up to 24-bit 192kHz resolution. Our initial listening tests revealed its sound quality, particularly on high res content to be superb.

Apple AirPlay is also supported so you're free to stream virtually anything from your iPhone, iPad or Mac through your LUMIN player.

If you have a collection of digital music, either purchased via websites like Bandcamp, HD Tracks or Qobuz, or ripped from your own CD collection, the LUMIN streamers will help you get the best from these files. They'll play music in any format (including DSD), stored on either a hard drive that's connected directly to a LUMIN, or via a network storage device like the LUMIN L1 or 3rd party NAS drive.

All LUMIN network players are certified as Roon ready, which means they'll drop right into your existing setup if you're a Roon user. Roon is an elegant music management tool that's designed for music-loving audio enthusiasts. It combines your existing digital music collection with the best streaming services to provide an unmatched music browsing and discovery experience. Learn more about Roon here.

If you're not a Roon user, controlling your player is still easy and fun using the free LUMIN App. It was created to work in harmony with the LUMIN hardware to deliver the most intuitive and visually rich way to browse, select and play your music collection.

Transport-only music streamer

Includes DSD512 22.5Mhz 1-bit playback
PCM 44.1–768kHz 16–32-bit
4 exceptionally low-phase-noise crystal clock oscillators
- Internal toroidal linear power supply
Resampling to every supported format up to DSD256 and PCM384kHz
Supports DoP (DSD over PCM) for Optical, Coaxial RCA, Coaxial BNC & AES/EUB SPDIF

All the usual LUMIN refinements

- From MQA to DSD, FLAC to WAV, LUMIN can play all the high-resolution formats you could ever want.
Native support for TIDAL, Qobuz, Spotify and Apple AirPlay, giving you access to tens of millions of songs.
The unique and intuitive LUMIN App.
LUMIN programme of continuous development 


Up to DSD512 22.5MHz, 1-bit


Up to 768kHz, 16–32-bit, Stereo


DSD256 upsampling option for all files
PCM 384kHz upsampling option for all files

DSD512 22.5MHz, 1-bit, Stereo
PCM 44.1–768kHz, 16–32-bit, Stereo

DSD (DoP, DSD over PCM) 2.8MHz, 1-bit
PCM 44.1kHz–192kHz, 16–24-bit


Industry standard SFP

1000Base-T Gigabit Ethernet

Adapter may be needed for your switch/cables

Use simultaneously with 2 x RJ-45 

External dual-toroidal
Available in 240V and 110V versions

Raw brushed aluminium or black anodised brushed aluminium
350mm (W), 345mm (D), 60mm (H), 8kg
100mm (W), 315mm (D), 55mm (H), 2kg

Lumin U2 music stream review

U2 will give recordings warmth, give them depth, give them fullness. Its bass will be low and dense and rather soft than precisely defined. The device does not drag it out, and it extinguishes nicely. The top is rounded and creamy rather than luminous.This is a really well-thought-out device, rich in connections, and well made. more...

Equipped with a full-fledged analogue power supply section, there is no doubt that it is a great advantage in terms of sound quality, and I can assure you with confidence that Lumin's U2 has achieved top-level quality in the field of network transport.

The simple and elegant Lumin U2 impresses with its sound across the board. The app, which is indispensable for its operation, is also visually appealing and intuitive to use. Assuming a correspondingly powerful converter, the integrated re-sampler is, for me, the audiophile's masterpiece - especially when it converts the data into DSD256. For an upsampler and streaming transport of this quality, the U2 is calculated to be very customer-friendly. Highly Recommended! more...



Due to the bespoke nature of our high-end music systems this product is not available to be purchased online. Please contact us for personalized service from one of our team of experts.