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Hyphn is a peerless, definitive, uncompromising demonstration of the Monitor Audio Group's current design, engineering and manufacturing capabilities, and its future ambitions. It is unlike anything Monitor Audio, or anyone else, has ever created: the most creatively ambitious, technically advanced and powerful loudspeaker in the company's history. It delivers a dramatically enhanced listening experience, with a visually striking presence.

Monitor Audio Hyphn


Hyphn's design concept began with the drive units floating in (virtual) space in the optimum positions; the team then created the cabinet's physical form around them. And while nothing was done for the sake of decoration, the design consciously focuses on the M-Array, to draw attention to the most important part of the product.

The M-Array is an ultra-compact assembly containing mid range and high frequency drivers. A masterpiece of intricate detail and design, the M-Array is a testament to the collaborative approach of acoustic and mechanical engineering within Monitor Audio's Research and Development team.


There are six mid-range drivers in the M-Array which make it appear acoustically as a single source with a very detailed sound field that has huge depth. The six RDT III mid-range drivers have a surface area that is slightly larger than the mid driver found in the premium Platinum series. Each driver has an exceptionally wide bandwidth and can cover much of the range of a traditional tweete which ensures the smoothest crossover to the tweeter and exceptionally low distortion.

At the center of the M-Array lies the Micro Pleated Diaphragm III (MPD III) high-frequency transducer. Developed by Monitor Audio's acoustic engineers, this accurate transducer was unveiled for Monitor Audio's 50th Anniversary celebrations, and it delivers remarkable performance. 

Hyphn's physical presence is matched only by the scale of it's bass drivers. Arranged in opposing pairs, there are a total of eight 8" drivers in each Hyphn unit. The opposing forces generated by the pairs of inward facing drivers cancel out, resulting in a cabinet that is almost vibration free, and all that's left for the listener to hear is the sound; pure, clean and detailed.

Monitor Audio Hyphn speaker array

Hyphn's unique cabinet is constructed using an acrylic stone material that provides the perfect platform from which the drive units can operate to their full amazing potential. Rigid, inert and seamless; the cabinets do an outstanding job of removing vibration from within the enclosures. Hyphn is available in three contemporary finishes. Matte Heritage Green, Matte Black and Pure Satin White.

Monitor Audio Hyphn speakers


  • 1 x MPD III high-frequency transducer for a larger, clearer, and more lifelike sound
  • 6 x 2” RDT III mid-range driver for incredible levels of clarity
  • 4 x 8” RDT III bass drivers for exceptional scale and depth
  • Totally immersive sound stage with music and film
  • Rear-ported and tuned for ease of positioning without affecting sound performance
  • Perfect for high performance hi-fi systems or home theatre
  • Choice of three high-quality, elegant finishes: Matte Black, Matte Heritage Green and Pure Satin White

    System Format: 3-Way
    Frequency Response, In-Room (-6dB): 18 Hz – 60 kHz
    Sensitivity (2.83 Vrms @ 1m, Free-Field): 86 dB
    Nominal Impedance: 4 Ohms
    Minimum Impedance (20 Hz to 20 kHz): 4.0 Ohms @ 2.5 kHz
    Continuous Power Handling (RMS into 4 Ohms, Pink Noise with 6dB Crest Factor): 800 W
    Recommended Amplifier Power (RMS into 4 Ohm, Music Signal): 200-1600 W
    Bass Alignment: Bass Reflex
    Port Tuning Frequency: 25 Hz
    Crossover Frequency: LF/MF: 350 Hz, MF/HF: 3.7kHz
    Drive Unit Complement: 4 x 8" RDT III bass driver, 6 x 2" RDT III mid-range driver, 1 x MPD III tweeter​
    External Dimensions including Trims, Terminals & Outrigger Feet & Spikes (H x W x D): 1392 x 502 x 520 mm
    Weight (each): 107 kg

    Monitor Audio Hyphn review

    There’s a superb sense of impetus and musicianship, with great scale and precision in the piano, tight, sonorous bass and punchy percussion, as the Hyphns deliver a reliably clean, clear and generous account of the recording. These are speakers to enjoy, whatever your musical tastes. more...

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