Monitor Audio Monitor 3G 200 5.1 System

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Monitor 200AV System

A Monitor Series AV system can deliver an immersive home cinema experience, whatever the size of room.

Up front are the Monitor 200 Floorstanding speakers which provide powerful and punchy bass, and beautifully clear higher frequencies. The smaller Monitor 50 bookshelf speakers will bring the action right into your room and offer great placement flexability.

The Monitor C-150 centre speaker will bring clarity to movie dialog so you never miss a work. Underpinning this enveloping performance is the MRW-10 subwoofer providing the deep bass weight and rumble.

Whatever Monitor Series AV system you choose it brings music and movies to life. Voices are naturally clear, instruments are expressive and full of rhythm, and the bass is deep and authoritative. Film soundtracks and musical recordings are reproduced as they were meant to be heard.

Monitor Audio Monitor 4G 200AV System


• Classic Monitor Audio speaker design with a playful twist

• MMP II (Metal Matrix Polymer) driver cones

• High overall impedance (8 ohms) – easy to drive with lower power amplifiers

• Black C-CAM (Ceramic-Coated Aluminium Magnesium) dome tweeter – derived from Monitor Audio’s award-winning Bronze series

• Creative use of 51/2" and 61/2" drivers have delivered a compact bookshelf, floorstand model together with larger bookshelf and floorstander to complement larger rooms and higher power applications

• HiVe II (High Velocity, Low Noise Reflex Port) technology – for an improved transient response and tighter bass, due to smoother airflow

Walnut finish, with contrasting grey baffle 

Outrigger feet deliver a sleeker appearance, take up less floor space and improves stability

Individual items

 Monitor 50 Bookshelf Monitor 200 Floorstanding
Monitor C150 Centre Speaker Monitor MRW-10 Subwoofer


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