Monitor Audio W2M-CP In-Wall Speaker

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Simplicity with solid acoustic performance

Tier 2 of the Creator Series brings a range of speakers that have all the engineering qualities of Tier 1, yet offer improved acoustic performance and contain additional features to allow more freedom in speaker placement.

The Creator Series re-writes the rules of custom installation. A smart, tiered range of high-performance, installer-friendly in-ceiling and in-wall loudspeakers that delivers better sound for customers, and enhanced flexibility and clarity for installers.

The application of key Monitor Audio acoustic technologies more usually found in premium standalone loudspeakers ensures lifelike, pristine sound, while innovative features and a comprehensive, clearly defined range make for hassle-free installation.

If you thought you knew custom installation, think again. Creator Series redefines British high-fidelity architectural sound.


The W2M-CP is a medium sized in-wall speaker with dual RST II bass drivers. Positioned either side of the HF/MF array, this configuration improves linearity between drivers and ensures a much larger, purer and cleaner sound is delivered into the listening area, and with greater bass extension.

Also present is an RST II midrange driver and a single 25mm C-CAM tweeter with Uniform Dispersion (UD) Waveguide I. The W2M features a rotating mid-pod driver array which allows the speakers to be positioned horizontally or vertically. This highly flexible solution ensures that the phase of the transducer is correct in either orientation.

The W2M-CP is fitted with a fully sealed back box that provides an ideal air load for the drivers, optimising mid-range and bass performance while maintaining sonic consistency regardless of interior wall construction. These rigid, mineral filled enclosures reduce the sound from the back of the cabinet by around 30dB. This guarantees excellent audio quality and versatility, and offers superior sound isolation between rooms and floors.


Monitor Audio W2M-CP In-Wall Speakers

Tri-Grip II

Tri-Grip Il is a new dog-leg mechanism that is considerably stronger and more reliable than the previous generation, meaning both speaker placement and extraction could not be simpler.

Monitor Audio W1M In-Wall Speaker


Our new innovative Quik-Link terminal revolutionises speed of installation. With Quik-Link you can make cable connections up the ladder at pre- installation stage. Once the installation is complete, the terminal, which is now connected with the speaker cables, magnetically snaps and locks into place on the rear of the speaker as you place the speaker into ceiling or wall. It's that easy.

Monitor Audio W1M In-Wall Speaker

Drive Units: 2 x 5" RST II bass drivers, 1 x 3" RST II midrange drive, 1 x 25mm C-CAM tweeter

Nominal Impedance: 6 Ohms

Amplifier Requirement: 40-150W

Continuous Power Handling: 100W

Sensitivity (2.83v @1m): 87dB

Cut out size: 527 x 198

Mounting Depth: 85mm

Dimensions: 540mm x 211 x 90mm

Weight: 4.4kg