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Questyle Audio 

Questyle Audio is dedicated to the design and manufacture of high resolution music player for portable and car use, and State of the Art audio equipment for studio monitoring and top-tier players, as well as wireless audio for home and customised installation. Questyle Audio products range covers: High Resolution Portable Music Players (DAPs), Current Mode Headphone Amplifiers, True DSD DACs, High Resolution Multi-channel Wireless Audio Systems, etc. Questyle Audio is devoted to the new generation High-res audio design with valuing both sound aesthetics and technology.

With many globally patented technologies and the philosophy of no compromise on sound control, industrial design and techniques, Questyle ensures a precise and authentic listening experience and a unique brand value.

Core Technologies

Current Mode Amplification technology
Questyle Audio moves beyond the traditional voltage mode format design, employed in outdated modern amplifiers, reinventing the audio amplifier, by designing an innovative “Current Mode” amplification technology employed in all of our headphone amplifiers. The Questyle Audio CMA800R was the world’s first “Current Mode” headphone amplifier, exhibiting an ultra-low distortion level of less than 0.00038%. We have since, extended this technology to all of our headphone amplifier products including the QP1 and QP1R Portable Music Players (DAPs).
Learn more about Current Mode Amplification

True DSD
“True is the best.” Implementing proprietary driver software, Questyle Audio is able to send DSD source code directly from your computer over USB via bit-stream (as DSD was designed to be processed), bypassing the digital filters and digital volume control, to provide True DSD in the way it was meant to be heard, without converting it to PCM (thereby combining the deficits of both formats), or breaking up the bit-stream and compressing it into PCM packets (DoP – which makes extreme demands for extra processing at both the computer and DAC end as it must be compressed and decompressed in real time, as well as a 33% increase in bandwidth demand from your cabling and USB interfaces, not to mention the need to buffer a significant portion of the file in order to reassemble the bit-stream prior to sending it to the DAC, creating noticeable latency), or resorting to expensive and complicated proprietary computer interfaces.

IIR Digital Filter
Questyle Audio employs the most advanced IIR digital filter, which completely eliminates the pre-ring from the impulse wave providing the most natural sound possible.

3X Clock USB Asynchronous Transmission
3 correspondence level clocks, individually controlling multiples of 44.1kHz, multiples of 48kHz and USB signal transmission, are dedicated for USB asynchronous transmission, reducing Jitter to undetectable levels.

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