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With the QP1R, Questyle set out to design a high-resolution portable music player that would make it possible for true music lovers and audiophiles to enjoy the same Hi-Fi listening experience achieved in state of the art home based systems, but in a portable body. They saw it, as not just portable Hi-Fi equipment, but, as the future of Hi-Fi itself.

The QP1R brings an impressive machined aluminium arc body combined with beautiful yet durable Gorilla Glass. Precise CNC machining and assembly guarantee a robust and stylish enclosure.

This is a pure class A headphone amplifier with the power to support DSD128 and 24/192kHz PCM files, incorporating Questyle Audio's patented "Current Mode Amplification" to ensure warm and powerful sound. All this makes the QP1R a masterpiece of portable audio design.

Please note: This is an ex-demo unit but in as new condition, in original packaging.

Wide ranging support

The Questyle Audio QP1R supports ALAC, APE, FLAC, AIFF, WAV, WMA Lossless up to 24bit/192kHz and high-Res audio files such as DSD128 and DSD64. Playback of these file types reveals much more of the original sound recording than that of MP3 players or smartphones. As a hi-end portable player, the QP1R plays audio from these files at the same high level as the studio recording, but at very low power consumption.


Performance is the priority

There is fierce competition between high resolution audio players and high end smartphones, so Questyle Audio used their highly regarded flagship headphone amp, the CMA800R, as a reference point. The "Current Mode Amplification" technology from the CMA800R is merged into the QP1R to drive virtually any headphone. 

The Class A architecture with an output impedance of less than 0.19 ohms, makes it easy to drive 8ohm in ear monitors through to 300ohm in dynamic headphones. With three gain modes, low to high impedance headphones can be gain matched for optimal performance.

True portability and ease of use when traveling

The helm style volume control and the machined aluminium hollowed-out protective crown, inspired by a fine watch design, protects against inadvertent volume change and accidental damage to headphone plugs, while carried in a pocket or a case.

A maximum storage capacity of 288GB (32GB internal, plus 2x 128GB Micro SD) means unlimited music in your pocket. With two swappable micro SD cards you can take your whole music collection along with you. So you'll appreciate the intuitive thumb wheel which allows for quick access to tracks and menus so you have full and easy control at all times. 

The 3300Mah battery supplies up to 10 hours playback time whilst the universal micro USB jack allows charging anytime, anywhere and supports listening while charging.


High performance current mode headphone amplifier,

Class A full discrete circuit.

True DSD64/128 and PCM 192K/24bit,

CS4398 DAC chip.

Selectable gain control between High/Middle/Low.

Internal 32GB memory plus max 2 x 128G Micro SD card slot.

With its impeccable sound quality, flexible storage, and ability to drive a wide variety of headphones the Questyle QP1R ranks among the best portable players I’ve heard. more...