Accuphase C-2300 Precision Stereo Control Centre

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Precision stereo control contre

Accuphase elevates the art of music control with the C-2300 Precision Stereo Control Center. This preamplifier combines high-fidelity performance with unparalleled control. The heart of the C-2300 lies in its innovative Balanced AAVA volume control, preserving the vibrancy of your source material at any listening level.

The Precision Stereo Control Centre C-2300, while inheriting the outstanding design approach and technology of models such as the C-2150 and C-2450, also brings more control over tone, as well as a further reduction in noise levels.

Accuphase C-2300 Precision Stereo Control Centre


Conventional preamplifiers use variable resistors to adjust volume, which causes contacts to deteriorate and create grit as well as increase noise at normal volume levels. AAVA, however, produces multiple, widely varying signals from the input signal and controls volume by changing the combination of those signals. This achieves minimum noise at all volume levels without any grit. The C-2300 with its balanced AAVA circuits delivers exceptional noise suppression performance.


The C-2300 features separate power supplies for left and right channel, each with a dedicated power transformer, filtering capacitors and peripheral circuitry. The various unit amplifiers are also entirely separate for the two channels, arranged on a motherboard in fully monaural construction. This prevents unwanted crosstalk and interaction both on the electrical and the physical plane. 

The power source driving the circuits can greatly affect sound quality. Each side of this preamplifier features a high-quality transformer housed inside its own case. The two 10,000 μF high-capacity, high-quality custom-made filtering capacitors mounted on each side supply power with margins and are highly impervious to load fluctuations.

Accuphase C-2300 Precision Stereo Control Centre

The Accuphase C-2300 has a full range of functions suitable for a control center, and is equipped with a total of 4 bands of tone control with BASS, TREBLE, and MID 2 positions, allowing detailed tone adjustments. 

A range of sophisticated option boards opens up even more possibilities. The newly developed Digital Input Board DAC-60 features a USB port and support for high-bit, high-sampling frequency signals up to 384 kHz/32 bits. This allows for reproduction  of high-quality music residing on a computer. The DAC input selector button makes it easy to switch between the optical, coaxial, and USB input. The newly developed Analog Disc Input Board AD-50 is also available, ideal for high-grade reproduction of analog records using either MC or MM phono cartridges.

Frequency Response: BALANCED/LINE INPUT, 3 - 200,000Hz +0 -3.0 dB, 20 - 20,000Hz +0 -0.2 dB

Total Harmonic Distortion (for all inputs): 0.005%

Input Sensitivity: BALANCED 252mV, 0.5V Output 63mV. LINE 252mV, 0.5V Output 63mV

Input Impedance: BALANCED 40 kilohms. LINE 20 kilohms

Rated Output Voltage, Output Impedance: BALANCED/LINE OUTPUT 2 V 50 ohms, RECORDER REC (with AD input) 252 mV 200 ohms

S/N Ratio, Input-converted Noise: (gain selector: 18 dB): BALANCED 111 dB, S/N ratio (EIA) 108 dB. LINE 111 dB, S/N ratio (EIA) 108 dB

Maximum Output Level: (0.005% THD, 20 - 20,000 Hz): BALANCED/LINE OUTPUT: 7.0 V, RECORDER REC (with AD input): 6.0 V LINE

Maximum Input Level: BALANCED/LINE INPUT: 6.0 V

Minimum Load Impedance: BALANCED/LINE OUTPUT: 600 ohms, RECORDER REC: 10 kilohms

Gain: (gain selector: 18 dB)*Gain switchable to 12/18/24 dB: BALANCED INPUT → BALANCED OUTPUT: 18 dB, BALANCED INPUT → LINE OUTPUT: 18 dB, LINE INPUT → BALANCED OUTPUT: 18 dB, LINE INPUT → LINE OUTPUT: 18 dB

Tone Controls: Bass/Treble controls with selectable turnover frequencies. BASS: 40/100 Hz ±10 dB. TREBLE: 8/20 kHz ±10 dB

Loudness Compensation: +6 dB (100 Hz)

Attenuator: -20 dB

Headphone Jack: Suitable impedance: 8 ohms or higher, Output level: 2 V (40 ohms)

Power Requirements: 120 V/220 V/230 V AC, 50/60 Hz (Voltage as indicated on rear panel)

Power Consumption: 41 W

Maximum Dimensions: Width 465 mm, Height 150 mm, Depth 405 mm

Mass: 19.3 kg, 25.0 kg in shipping carton

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