Accuphase C-47 Stereo Phono Amplifier



Stereo Phono Amplifier

Accuphase make some of the finest equipment in the world and we can't recommend them highly enough. All of their components will deliver a marked improvement to any system and are a fantastic base to a new build or an unparalleled upgrade to an existing one. Accuphase amplifiers will deliver all the power you need with very low noise levels.

The Accuphase C-47 is a dedicated stereo phono amplifier 

For Accuphase systems this is the Ultimate dedicated Phono equalizer amp dedicated to the truth full art of vinyl playback. Hear your records like you have never heard them before.

Separate circuitry for left and right MC head amplifier and equalizer amplifier using the latest devices ensure ultra low noise performance and outstanding RIAA precision. 3 Analog inputs with separate parameter memory for each allows you to have three tonearms connected, ideal for those of us which also have mono Cartridges.

The C-47 is the first phono amplifier of this series which realizes a fully balanced configuration from input to output. The resulting product not only is highly impervious to external noise, it also features a dedicated head amplifier optimized for the characteristics of MC and MM phono cartridges, and a high-accuracy equalizer amplifier, thereby ensuring precise equalization with a minimum of noise. A set of newly added dedicated balanced MC phono inputs enables balanced connection to the analog record player. By bringing out the full performance potential of each phono cartridge, the C-47 delivers a rich and deeply satisfying musical experience.


  • RIAA Deviation, MC 10-20,000 Hz +/- 0.3 db,  MM 10-20,000 Hz +/- 0.3 db
  • Total Harmonic Distortion 0.005%
  • Gain select from High or Normal MM 34 or 40 db, MC 64 or 70 db
  • Input Sensitivity (at rated output 1 kHz, 2 V)  MC 64 dB 1.26 mV, 70 dB 0.63 mV. MM 34 dB 40 mV 40 dB 20 mV.
  • Input Impendance  MC settings 10 ohms, 30 ohms, 100 ohms, 200 ohms, 300 ohms and 1 Kilohm.  MM settings 1 Kilohms 47 kilohms and 100 kilohms
  • Rated output 2 Volts for each 50 ohms for both balanced and standard line output
  • S/N Ratio, Input-converted Noise MC with 64 dB gain : 97 dB, 70 dB gain 91 dB, MM with 34 dB gain 108 dB, 40 dB gain 102 dB
  • Power consumption 21 watts
  • Dimensions Width 465 mm, Height 114 mm, Depth 407 mm
  • Weight 14.8 kgs net. 21 kgs shipping


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