Accuphase E-380 Integrated Amplifier

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The E-380 realizes a 20% increase in rated output power thanks to a reinforced power amplification stage and power supply. The further evolved AAVA volume control system allows music enjoyment at any level without even the slightest degradation of signal quality. The power amplifier section utilizes the instrumentation amplifier principle to achieve outstanding S/N ratio. Low impedance design of the output circuitry results in a damping factor of 500, ensuring that the potential of every speaker can be brought out to the fullest. Enjoy a musical performance of amazing transparency and dynamism.

Power supply circuitry designed for optimum stability

The large transformer and massive 33,000 μF filtering capacitors with 10% more capacitance provide rock-stable high-quality power

Accuphase power supply

Power amplification stage with bipolar transistors

The power amplification stage features bipolar transistors in a double parallel push-pull configuration.

Accuphase E-380 amplifier board

Option Boards

Rear panel expansion slot allows for use of one of the available AD-50 (phono preamplifer) or DAC (digital to analogue converter) option boards.


Accuphase E-380 Integrated Amplifier option boards

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      • Revolutionary AAVA volume control
      • Power amplification stage with bipolar transistors in double parallel push-pull configuration
      • Rated for 180 watts into 4 ohms and 120 watts into 8 ohms
      • High damping factor of 500
      • Power amplification stage configured as instrumentation amplifier
      • Current feedback amplification topology in power amplification stage
      • Logic-control relays for shortest signal paths
      • Protection circuitry using MOS-FET switches

Continuous Average Output Power (both channels driven, 20-20,000 Hz): 180 watts per channel into 4 ohms, 120 watts per channel into 8 ohms, 100 watts per channel into 8 ohms

Intermodulation Distortion: 0.01%g

Frequency Response: HIGH LEVEL INPUT/POWER INPUT 20 - 20,000 Hz +0, -0.5 dB (for rated continuous average output), 3 - 150,000 Hz +0, -3.0 dB (for 1 watt output)

Damping Factor: 500 (For rated output with 8-ohm load, 50 Hz)

Output Voltage, Output Impedance (at rated continuous average output): PRE OUTPUT: 1.23 V, 50 ohms


Tone Controls Turnover frequency and adjustment range: BASS: 300 Hz ±10 dB (50 Hz), TREBLE: 3 kHz ±10 dB (20 kHz)

Loudness Compensation:

+6 dB (100 Hz)

Attenuator: -20 dB

Power Level Meters: Logarithmic compression, peak reading meters, output dB/% scale

Load Impedance: 4 - 16 ohms

Stereo Headphones: Suitable impedance: 8 ohms or higher

Power Requirements: AC 120 V/220 V/230 V 50/60 Hz (Voltage as indicated on rear panel)

Power Consumption: 46 watts idle 292 watts in accordance with IEC 60065

Maximum Dimensions: Width 465 mm x Height 171 mm x Depth 422 mm

Mass: 22.8 kg net, 29.0 kg in shipping carton


In terms of technical specifications and features, this amp ticks almost every box possible.

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