Antipodes Audio K22 Music Server





The K22 is an ideal entry point and to get the maximum musical enjoyment out of your music files and internet streams at this price level. With a K22 you will enjoy the most musically important features and performance of the K50, and have the cost-effective option to upgrade to the K50 level later by adding a K41. Adding a K41 will allow you to use DSP features, quickly navigate a library larger than 8TB, and it will reveal more layers of musical insight. But used within its limitations, the K22 on its own brings you very close to the performance of the K50. If your priorities are to be immersed in gorgeous sound and feel the emotional pull of your music, then the K22 will delight you.

Antipodes Audio K22 Music Server

 Direct Stream Ethernet Output: No 
 USB Audio 2.0 Output:
- PCM to 32bit/768kHz
- DoP to DSD512
- Native DSD to DSD512 
 S/PDIF Output: On RCA and BNC
- PCM to 24bit/192kHz
- DoP to DSD64 
 AES3 Ouput: On XLR
- PCM to 24bit/192kHz
- DoP to DSD64 
 I2S Output: On HDMI
- PCM to 32bit/384kHz
- DoP to DSD256
- Native to DSD512 
 Optional Music Storage: Easy Self-Installable Without Tools
- 1 Bay Slide-In
- Up To 8TB 
 Hardware Modules:
 Power Supply Internal: 2 x HSL80 
 AC Power: Switchable
- 110-120VAC 60Hz 
- 220-240VAC 50Hz 
 Width 445mm
 Depth: 370mm 
 Height: 78mm 
 Weight 11.5kg
 Warranty Return To Seller - 3 Years

Due to the bespoke nature of our high-end music systems this product is not available to be purchased online. Please contact us for personalized service from one of our team of experts.