Pro-Ject X1 Turntable

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Pro-Ject‘s classic turntable design reimagined!

Real high-end features – True audiophile sound

The X1 is based on the same concept as the P1, but improved in every aspect thanks to modern materials and new production methods. Inside it houses a sophisticated DC/AC generator board which, combined with the convenient speed control board, delivers clean and stable power to the quiet-running motor. For even further improved performance, the motor is decoupled from the main plinth using a new motor suspension system. In the X1, the motor drives a new, heavy, non-resonant Acryl platter via a sub-platter drive system and a premium grade main bearing for liquid smooth rotation.

The X1 is also better than its predecessors, thanks to the super-stiff, perfectly tempered Carbon/Alu sandwich construction tonearm. This new 8.6” tonearm design is incredibly light and stiff, with improved resistance to external interference. Finished as a one-piece, with no resonance-inducing headshell, the X1 can also be set for azimuth and VTA adjustment. The tonearm is then supplied with a TPE-damped counterweight, further reducing cartridge-tonearm resonances.

Supplied either with or without a brand new Pro-Ject Pick it S2 MM cartridge, manufactured by the cartridge experts at Ortofon but voiced by the design team at Pro-Ject, it can be ready to play within a few minutes of unboxing. Also supplied in the box is our Connect-IT E RCA cables, a semi-balanced, low-capacitance cable with superior shielding that’s optimised for turntable use. Lastly, height-adjustable feet in their Alu/ TPE sandwich construction are a very exclusive but necessary feature to level up the turntable and effectively isolate it from the surface it is place on. The X1‘s 8 layers of painting and the hand-polished finish guarantee its luxury appearance.


• Speed control with electronic speed switch for ultimate speed stability
• Carefully isolated motor for less vibration and noise
• Sub-platter with extremely low 0.001mm bearing tolerances
• Stainless steel platter-bearing with soft brass bushing and teflon mirrors for lowest rumble and noise, and a stable, accurate speed transmission
• Resonance free, 1.5 kg heavy acrylic platter
• 8,6” carbon/aluminium sandwich tonearm with best internal damping and TPE damped counterweight
• Kardan ultra-low friction 4 pin point precision tonearm bearing
• Ortofon 2M Blue MM cartridge Optionally Included
• Massive and heavy, precision CNC‘d MDF chassis
• Luxury 8 layers of painting and hand-polished finish or real-wood, satin-waxed veneer
• Super shielded, semi-symmetrical, low-capacitance Pro-Ject phono cables
• Height adjustable, aluminium feet for massively reduced risk of acoustical feedback
• Handmade in Europe

Pro-Ject X1 Turntable

• Speed: 33, 45, 78 (electronic speed change)
• Principle: belt drive
• Speed Variance: 33: 0.30% 45: 0.25%
• Wow & Flutter: 33: 0.15% 45: 0.13%
• Platter: 20mm thick, 1.5 kg heavy acryl
• Main Bearing: stainless steel/brass
• Tonearm: 8.6” carbon/aluminium sandwich
• Effective Tonearm Length: 218.5 mm
• Effective Tonearm Mass: 10g
Overhang: 18 mm
• Tracking Force Range: 0 - 30mN
• Included Accessories: 15volts DC /0,8A power supply, Dust cover, Connect it E Phono cable, felt mat
• Power Consumption: 5 watts max /< 0.3 watt standby
• Dimensions: 415 x 125 x 335 mm (WxHxD)
• Weight: 7 kg net / 9.5 kg gross weight