Kimber Carbon 16 Speaker Cable

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Carbon 16 Speaker Cable [Per Pair]

Kimber Carbon is quickly becoming Soundline's go-to loudspeaker cable for mid to high-end systems providing a large, open natural sound profile without being excessively bright or overly dark.

The revolutionary Carbon loudspeaker cable uses sixteen, VariStrand copper conductors which are held in place with a carbon-infused polymer and insulated with Teflon®. The loudspeaker cable consists of a single run of cable but uses Kimber's unique braiding technique of separating the channels at each end of the cable, maintaining the weave. 

Carbon loudspeaker cable features sixteen, 19.5AWG braided conductors with a seamless braided transition to the + and - terminal for unmatched mechanical integrity and the utmost electrical naturality.

Kimber Cable Carbon 16 speaker cable

Carbon 16 was designed to be matched with full-range floor standing speakers and larger stand mounted monitors. Electrostatically dissipative carbon polymer reduces mechanically induced electrical noise and improves the uniformity of the voltage gradient within the insulating dielectric.


  • Sixteen, 19.5AWG braided conductors
  • VariStrand pure copper conductors locked in place with carbon polymer and insulated with Teflon
  • OFE copper 102% IACS grade
  • Seamless braided transition to the right and left channels
  • Hand-built at the Kimber factory in the USA
  • Cables available in lengths from 1.0m – 3.0m
  • Kimber SBAN or WBT™ 0610CU Banana Connectors

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