Kimber Carbon Phono Interconnect

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The ultimate Phono interconnect

Kimber Carbon is quickly becoming Soundline's go-to interconnect for mid to high-end systems providing a large, open natural sound profile without being excessively bright or overly dark.

The Carbon Phono's innovative design minimizes capacitance, maximizes shielding, and provides extremely low DCR on the ground plane. The Carbon Phono will provide the sonics you have come to expect from Kimber Kable. It will contend well with the most hostile environments in respect to EMI. The 23AWG uninsulated tin plated copper is delicately hand wrapped around an 8 wire braided core. This hand wrapped layer extends through to the leads as well for complete shielding coverage. This wire makes contact with the carbon doped nylon sleeving throughout the entire length of the cable and is ultimately tied into the ground plane.

Kimber Carbon Phono Cable


- Low loss fluorocarbon dielectric
- 8 wire counter opposed helix
- VariStrand copper conductors
- Nitrogen assisted hand soldered termination
- Electrostatically dissipative carbon polymer
- Available in RCA, DIN and Balanced configurations

Kimber Carbon Phono cable