Kimber KS1026 Interconnect

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Top-of-the-range hybrid interconnect

Using a mixture of Black Pearl silver conductors and their highest purity copper, Kimber Select KS-1026 allows you to benefit from much of the performance of an all-silver cable without all of the cost.

Silver is used for the signal conductors while copper is used for the ground, giving a sound that has more detail and a more authentic timbre than KS-1016. The proven Kimber Select spaced and damped cable geometry allows a soundstage that is wide and deep, amazingly fast and accurate, and inherently musical.



  • Kimber’s top-of-the-range hybrid interconnect.
• Three high purity copper and three 'Black Pearl' pure silver conductors.
• Unique orthogonal braid woven around Kimber X-38R core compound.
• Available as a balanced version, KS-1126.