Kimber KS1116 Balanced Interconnect

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Top-of-the-range all-copper balanced interconnect

Only the best Hyper-pure, molecularly optimised copper is used in Kimber Select KS1116.

KS1116 is built by using Kimber's constrained matrix orthogonally braided geometry. Silence is the most powerful feature of this cable. The KS 1116 geometry and dielectrics drastically reduce background noise and noise floor. Lower noise floor equals increased dynamic detail. The KS1116 has a haunting presence. With no spurious noise to compete for your ears the full range of sound can be presented the same way it would naturally occur.

Kimber's ultimate goal with this no-compromise cable was to find the limits of an all copper design. Meticulously hand-built by the same team for over 10 yrs Kimber Select represents some of their finest work. The KS 1116 features "studio grade" XLR type connectors with silver plated contacts.



  • Hyper-pure Copper
  • Teflon® Dielectric
  • "Studio Grade" XLR Connectors