Meridian 210 Music Streamer with Spotify, Bluetooth and Roon


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Meridian 210 Music Streamer

As music lovers, we recognize the relevance of technologies like Spotify and Bluetooth and use them personally on a daily basis. While the sonic performance of some streaming services may not match the best vinyl or high-resolution digital source, the convenience factor and the ability to instantly access an almost endless world of music is something that we could only have dreamed of 10 years ago. 

The Meridian 210 Streamer is a high-performance audio source that allows you to get the most from streaming services used from smartphones, tablets, and other devices.

Along with Spotify and Bluetooth, the 210 is also a Roon endpoint, capable of high-resolution playback of stored and streamed music including MQA content.

The 210 can connect to any audio system which has a coaxial digital input or to a Meridian Audio system via it's SpeakerLink output.



Stream with Spotify Connect Get the best performance from the Worlds most widely used streaming service. The 210 simply appears as a "player" in the Spotify app - select it and you are all set.

Roon Ready Widely accepted as the best music playback software available. Learn more about Roon here.

Bluetooth with AptX Not just your average Bluetooth... AptX uses higher bitrates than standard Bluetooth to offer a significant improvement in sonic performance when used with compatible devices.

Wired and dual-band Wi-Fi network connections For the ultimate flexibility and convenient installation.


Sourced from the original studio-master recording as approved by the creative team, MQA combines an advanced new digital sampling technology that captures extremely high-frequency timing and detail in an audio signal with an equally novel system to “encapsulate” that data into a form for delivery using any lossless file format or streaming. The listener’s decoder reconstructs the entire original signal, bringing up an indicator confirming that what they are hearing is exactly the same as the original master. Without the decoder, the listener enjoys CD quality reproduction. Its most advanced form, “MQA Studio”, uses the technology in the studio to generate an even higher quality master recording as the source.


  • With aptX HD Bluetooth, the Meridian 210 supports highest quality streaming.
  • Synchronises the volume controls of Bluetooth devices, playback apps, the Meridian system and third-party control across the system.
  • Effortless set up and control with the Meridian Control app for IOS and Android.
  • Digital Aux output makes the Meridian 210 compatible with third party DACs.



  • Power input (IEC "cloverleaf" connector)
  • USB input (USB-A connector)
  • 1 x SpeakerLink input (RJ45)
  • 2 x SpeakerLink output (RJ45)
  • 1 x co-ax digital aux output (RCA phono)
  • Network socket for Ethernet connection (RJ45)
  • Maintenance socket (mini-USB connector)


  • Front-panel indicator LEDs for Standby, Network, Spotify Connect, Bluetooth status, SpeakerLink, and MQA
  • Rear-panel indicator for power
  • Rear-panel pairing button


  • HEIGHT: 42mm
  • WIDTH: 204mm
  • DEPTH: 150mm plus connectors

WEIGHT: 0.66Kg

  • High performance power supply: 100v ac 50/60 Hz |110-120V ac 50/60Hz | 220-240V ac 50/60Hz
  • Maximum power consumption: 12W