Meridian G41 Multi channel amp and 2 x A350W on-wall speakers

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Meridian theatre package - Ex demo

Meridian A350W speakers

The Meridian 350W is an ultra-slimline speaker system for in-wall (surface grille) and flush-mount (completely hidden, eg behind wall coverings) applications, featuring two 200mm metal-cone bass drivers, and a wide-dispersion horn-loaded ribbon tweeter for superb performance anywhere. Remote Active units are supplied with the appropriate crossover card for the G41 Active Crossover unit.

Heavy, rigid enclosures minimise wall and cavity excitation so you hear the speakers, and not wall resonances. A white paintable low-resonance grille and frame is included, and rough-in boxes are available. In every case, Meridian installation loudspeakers deliver the performance of a stand-alone design in a discreet enclosure with minimal visual impact– and awesome power.

Meridian G41 multi channel amplifier

The G41 powers Meridian 300 Series installation loudspeakers in Remote Active mode. It features active crossovers, switched balanced and unbalanced inputs, and employs the same low-feedback topology as Meridian’s G55/56/57 amplifiers, which was developed from that used in the flagship DSP8000.

Eight channels of approximately100W/8Ω (180W/4Ω) RMS amplification are provided, grouped into four pairs, each providing bass and tweeter outputs from a full-range input.

A unique feature of the G41 is a cable-length compensation switch. The amplifiers  have a negative impedance to cancel out cable effects. This dramatically improves performance, tightening the bass response and giving significantly improved control and punch. Two switch-selectable settings are provided, one for cables under 10m and the other for cables over 10m in length. A separate rear-panel switch is provided for each pair of amplifiers.