Meridian G51 Integrated Amplifier 100w Dual-Mono Receiver



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100w Dual Mono Stereo Receiver, Ex Demo Special

Hand built in the UK, the Meridian G51 is the first integrated receiver ever manufactured by the company, and forms a perfect complement to the rest of the G Series range with its super-high-quality reproduction of analogue signals. Although Meridian is today best-known for its digital circuitry, it is a company built on analogue roots, and indeed, superb analogue circuit design and implementation are important parts of all Meridian products.

Including a stereo preamplifier, controller and a power amplifier that features a unique low-feedback topology and extremely low output impedance, the G51 stereo receiver provides no less than seven stereo analogue inputs plus, of course, an AM/FM tuner with RDS/RDBS capability. The inputs are nominally designated Aux, CD, TV, Tape, Disc (Phono), DVD and VCR, but can be reconfigured.

Two sets of stereo tape outputs are provided, along with two preamp out pairs, one of which is normally jumpered to the adjacent power amplifier input sockets. These jumpers can be removed to connect an analogue surround decoder, for example, while the additional preamp output allows for biamping with an additional 2-channel amplifier such as the G56.

The amplifiers feature active bias control throughout, with thermal sensing that carefully manages the temperature and current flow at different volume levels. Fully DC-coupled, the signal path contains no capacitors, while those in the power supplies are audiophile grade components.

The amplifiers are of a unique low-feedback design for minimum transient and interface intermodulation distortion, offering superb clarity and transparency right across the audible range, with an output impedance that is close to zero and delivers a solid 100W continuous mean power per channel into 8Ω suitable for virtually any high-quality passive loudspeaker system.

Two sets of outputs per channel are provided on sturdy binding posts colour-coded for easy reference. The output terminals are connected to the amplifiers by Van den Hul silver-strand cable to avoid signal losses.

In addition to the main outputs, a stereo headphone socket is provided on the rear panel for personal listening, A 'speaker off' facility is also included

Ex- Demo, pristine condition with original carton & all accessories. Full warranty. A great buy at this price!

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  • Distortion: Less than 0.01% input to output 
  • Signal/Noise: Better than –90dB for high-level analogue inputs.  
  • Tuner: AM (Long/Medium Wave, 150–285/525–1605 kHz); FM (VHF Band II, 87.5–108 MHz), sensitivity 2.0μv. Configurable channel spacing & de-emphasis for US/EUR/ Japan, etc
  • Inputs: 7 unbalanced on phono, 0.5–2.5V rms (impedance 20kΩ) in four steps
  • Main Output: 2 outputs, 100W per channel into 8Ω
  • Pre Output: 2 unbalanced on phono, 0–3V rms maximum, 47Ω impedance
  • Tape Output: 2 unbalanced on phono, 1.5V rms, 47Ω impedance
  • Headphone: 2V rms maximum output
  • Comms: Two 5-pin 240° DIN sockets, BNC socket, RS232 and USB comms interfaces
  • Construction: Meridian black or silver finish in metal & glass
  • Dimensions:  440mm;  350mm, Height: 90mm (W,D,H)
  • Weight: 13.5kg