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Pre-owned Meridian G92 DVD Tuner Pre Amplifier for sale. Includes MSR+ remote. Some scratches and scuffs, in good working order. No Box, buyer must pick up, 3 months warranty.

The G92 is a full 5.1 DVD Surround Receiver with both stereo and surround modes, a robust slot-loading DVD drive, and analogue or digital 2 channel or 6 channel outputs. It plays audio CDs, MP3 CDs, Video CDs and DVD-Video discs including the DVD side of DualDisc hybrids. It can decode Dolby Digital, DTS, MPEG, and MP3 data streams to PCM for stereo and multichannel playback and also includes Trifield high-resolution stereo processing. Stereo and multichannel digital audio outputs are also available via HDMI at up to 192kHz.


The G92 incorporates a preamplifier with two coax digital inputs, two optical inputs, and three analogue inputs. It provides analogue and fixed digital stereo outputs. The G92 includes digital signal processing to upsample PCM streams, or decode bitstreams from external sources. It also includes a high-quality AM/FM or DAB/FM tuner.

In stereo mode, the G92 is designed to connect directly to a pair of analogue active speakers, or power amplifiers and passive speakers. Alternatively, it can be connected to a pair of Meridian DSP Loudspeakers to create a complete two-channel AV system.The G92’s multichannel digital output allows connection to a surround controller such as the G68. Alternatively, the digital and/or analogue multichannel outputs can be used to create a powerful 5.1 surround system based on Meridian DSP Loudspeakers or conventional analogue amplifiers and speakers – or a combination of the two. Here the G92 really comes into its own: as the heart of a complete surround system.


The G92 includes a powerful video processor and scaler which can simultaneously provide composite and S-video outputs, plus progressive component video and up to 1080p on an HDMI output. It provides two composite, three S-video, and one interlaced component video input, all of which can be routed to any of the video outputs with appropriate scaling.

Formats - DVD-Video, DVD-R; Video CD (VCD), CVCD, MP3; CD Audio (CD-DA), CD-R and hybrids such as SACD (CD layer only) and DualDisc (DVD layer only)

Audio Inputs - Analogue: three stereo inputs, unbalanced 0.5–2.5Vrms on phono. Digital S/PDIF: two stereo coax inputs and two stereo Toslink optical inputs

Tuner - AM/FM tuner includes its own 24/96 A/D converter. AM (Long/Medium Wave, 150–285/525–1605 kHz); FM (VHF Band II, 87.5–108 MHz), sensitivity 2μv. DSP processing for FM stereo/mono blend and width; AM lowpass filter and whistle filter. DAB/FM tuner option (see G-DAB data sheet).

Audio Outputs - Analogue: 6-ch surround output, variable up to 3V rms. Digital: MHR Smart Link digital output (15 Pin ‘D’ type connector) and 3 x coax, 1 x aux digital transport out (digital coax). HDMI v1.1 6-ch/bitstream output (with video)

System Capabilities - Operates as player or controller, with upsampling in stereo. As a stereo system, can drive stereo analogue power amplifier and passive speakers or two Meridian DSP Loudspeakers. As a multichannel system with on-board surround decoding, can directly drive 6 channels of analogue or digital loudspeakers or a combination.

Video Processor - Two composite video inputs, one component input, three S-Video inputs; composite, S-Video, component and HDMI outputs (DVI-compatible, HDMI also carries 2-ch audio), outputs all simultaneously active; selected video input is converted to all formats at valid resolutions (except non-interlaced component input which bypasses processor). Faroudja Video Optimization® scaling and de-interlacing technology. HDMI port supports 480p, 576p, 720p, 1080i and 1080p. Analogue component out at 480p and 576p.

Dimensions - Width: 440mm (17.32in); Depth: 350mm (13.78in) plus connectors; Height: 90mm (3.54in)

Weight - 9kg