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The Meridian Prime Headphone Amplifier delivers a lifelike performance from any headphone and is designed to appeal to audio enthusiasts who seek the highest possible performance from conventional analogue audio sources. With three inputs, one dedicated and optimised to USB sources for computer audio, discrete pure analogue inputs on RCA for traditional sources, and a 3.5mm connection for portable devices such as a smart phone, while Analogue Spatial Processing (ASP) offers “outside the head” listening through headphones. The Prime features Meridian resolution-enhancement technology including low-jitter clocking, upsampling, apodising and full support for MQA.


AUDIO INPUTS: 1x pair Phono (stereo) (A1). Gain 3dB; 1.4Vrms in for 2Vrms out.  1x 3.5mm analogue stereo (A2). Gain 12dB; 500mVrms in for 2Vrms out. Analogue inputs overload capability >40dB.  1x Asynchronous USB 2.0 interface, 44.1–192kHz ≤24-bit. Jitter <90ps p-p. Apodising filter and upsampling of 44.1/48kHz inputs to 88.2/96kHz; MQA decode and render

AUDIO OUTPUTS: 1x pair phono (stereo) preamp out. Maximum output 3.1Vrms @ 1kHz, THD <0.001% @ 1kHz up to 3V rms. Crosstalk <–70dB @ 1kHz. Output can be disabled via power button 2x 1/4in A-type stereo phone jacks. Maximum output 3Vrms off load, THD <0.002%. Output impedance <100mΩ. Power output 250mW up to 42Ω. Short-circuit protected 1x 3.5mm stereo phone jack. Max output 3Vrms off-load, THD <0.002%. Output impedance 2.2Ω

PERFORMANCE: Output noise (input A1) < –100dBV CCIR or A weighted Frequency response +0/–1dB DC–70kHz, +0/–3dB DC–200kHz

COMPATIBILITY: Suitable for impedances in the range 16–1kΩ or more. Suitable for open, closed, in-, on- or over-ear models. Recommended sensitivity >80dBspl/mW or >96dBspl/V

CONTROLS: Volume with precise tracking, 70dB range Input switch Processing (off/i/ii) Power including rear output mute

DIMENSIONS / WEIGHT: HEIGHT: 50mm [2.0in] WIDTH: 160mm [6.3in] DEPTH: 150mm [5.9in] WEIGHT: 0.9 kg (2.0 lbs)

POWER: 12V DC Consumption <0.5W standby <1W in quiescent