Meze Audio Elite Headphones






A blend of outstanding mechanical design and ergonomics from Meze Audio with the innovative technology and acoustic engineering of Rinaro, ELITE is here to set a new standard in ‘top of the line’ headphone performance. Advances in material sciences have opened the doors to even higher resolution and accuracy, allowing for a more powerful, lifelike, immersive sound experience.

For the past 10 years, Meze Audio has been developing audiophile headphones and earphones renowned for their timeless design, pure comfort and engaging, vivid sound.

A core belief of Meze Audio is to create products that last through years and years of industry changes, bringing long-lasting value to the customer. Elite is no different.  From looks to technology, this headphone was designed to surpass all short-living trends and become a true heirloom.


Materials were chosen not just for the exciting sensory experience their raw texture provides, but also for comfort and durability.

A carbon fiber headband with a real leather headrest were added to the frame, for an ultra-light feel and maximum durability.

The patent-pending suspension wings support system is elongated and curved at both ends, descending further on the side of the head and distributing the weight of the headphone evenly, for an utmost comfortable listening experience.

Take a closer look to discover the highly complex geometrical imprint accentuated through the silver finish of the CNC aluminum frame.  A deep black grill with intricate carvings completes the look, turning ELITE into a futuristic take on personal audio design.

Cerakote coating

Naturally found on various mineral deposits, tungsten ore becomes one of the toughest metals on earth, when processed. The colour chosen for this headphone is similar to what tungsten looks in its final form, and it was used as a visual metaphor for making things that are reliable and last well through the years. This stone-like texture was achieved by coating each piece of the frame with Cerakote™, one of the best types of finishes out there.

Driver Type: Rinaro Isodynamic Hybrid Array®

Operating Principle: Open

Ear Coupling: Circumaural

Frequency Response: 3-112,000 Hz

Impedance: 32 Ω

Nominal SPL: 101 dB (1 mW / 1 kHz)

Maximum SPL: > 130 dB

Total Harmonic Distortion (THD): <0.05%

Weight: 420 g

The Meze Elite is the kind of headphone that quickly and conclusively spoils listeners to the point that, after spending time with them, it’s hard to go back to headphones that are merely extremely good, such as the Meze Liric. So, if you’re in the market for a superb pair of headphones, give a listen to the Meze Elite. They will spoil you.

The Meze Elite makes a strong case for being one of the very best headphones in the world. I’d go so far as to say if we judge based upon design and build quality, the Elite has no rivals, save for its sibling which shares the same exterior. Looks and comfort are both subjective, but I would personally place the Elite at the top of the pile in those categories too.

Due to the bespoke nature of our high-end music systems this product is not available to be purchased online. Please contact us for personalized service from one of our team of experts.