Monitor Audio Anthra W10 Subwoofer

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Monitor Audio's premium subwoofer series

The all-new Anthra Subwoofer Series is designed to deliver control and depth. Each of the three models have been expertly engineered with a focus on musicality and control.

This isn't to say that thunderous, impactful bass isn't the result - it most certainly is - but that bass is delivered with precision.

Well-defined bass is as important as lifelike vocals, and through the expert application of sound acoustic knowledge and solid design direction, the Anthra Subwoofer Series delivers devastatingly precise deep bass with musicality and agility.

It's controlled bass you can feel.

Anthra W10

The Anthra W10 is the most compact model within the new Monitor Audio subwoofer series. It features a 10" (25cm) Rigid Surface Technology II (RST II) C-CAM high-excursion driver powered by a Class-D 425 Watt amplifier. All housed within a comprehensively internally braced, sealed-box cabinet.

A full-colour LCD display and rotatory dial is located on the back panel, to allow for basic subwoofer setup and EQ preset selection.

Advanced features, including DSP configuration and multi-sub connectivity setup, is available via the MaestroUnite app.

Anthra W10 provides both RCA and XLR inputs with multiple subwoofers able to be connected through daisy chaining.

Ideal for multi-sub AV systems

The Anthra subwoofers' compact proportions are no mistake.

Technological innovations allow Monitor Audio engineers to pack advanced acoustic and electronic technologies into a more compact form. Not easy, but necessary.

The ambition was always to have the smallest footprint possible, while delivering the most impressive sonic performance, so that the end-user could achieve the best possible AV experience by specifying multiple subwoofers within their home cinema system.

Acoustically, beyond the sheer physicality of the immersive experience, multiple subwoofers means the system achieves greater dynamic range with cleaner, more accurate bass, even at extreme volume levels.

Precision controlled bass drivers

To handle the vast power supplied by the Anthra amplification, the bespoke bass drivers have been carefully designed to handle the extreme low frequencies without sacrificing control or precision.

Massive motor assembles and longer round wound voice coils, which are dual layered and made of copper-coated aluminium wire (CCAW), deliver the highest BI (field strength) per weight.

The motor assembly has a vent running through the middle of the pole, which relieves pressure from behind the voice coil. Coupled with vent holes on the voice coil former, this allows cool airflow and removes heat to prevent the whole driver assembly from overheating.

Easy setup and tuning

Via the in-house-designed MaestroUnite setup app, users can optimally configure any Anthra subwoofer to their individual tastes and system requirements.

The app allows complete bespoke setup using basic or advanced features. Thanks to options including EQ pre-sets (configurable by either Monitor Audio or the user), Gain, Low Pass Filter, Auto-On,

LED Control, Phase and LPF Slope and many more, a user has complete control over the setup of their Anthra subwoofer.

The user-experience is seamless and customisable, so whether it's a single subwoofer or multiple, one simple setup instruction via the MaestroUnite app will get your sub up and running in moments.

Furthermore, when using multiple subwoofers, configuration can be replicated automatically on subsequent subwoofers within the system, for simple, quick multi-subwoofer/system integration.

Over-the-air updates are also standard for continued optimisation and efficiency of user experience.

Low-frequency limit: -6dB @17Hz

Upper-frequency limit: -6dB @400Hz

Amplifier Output: 425W continuous

Amplifier Classification: Class D Digital amplifier

Drive Unit Complement:  1x 10" High linear-excusion triple suspension driver

Cabinet Design: Active - Sealed cabinet

External Dimensions: 321 x 321 x 321 mm

Weight (Individual): 22.2 Kg